ginger id please

Greenville, NC

This was dug up from a friends compost pile this summer and is now just blooming. It has a very pleasant fragrance, the leaves are a medium green with a bit of red/burgundy where they attach at the stem. The flower buds are almost yellow at the tips. Could this possibly be 'Tara'? Thanks for any help!

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Greenville, NC

or could it be 'Elizabeth'?

Mulberry, FL

very pretty i have a pink like that no scent

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

It looks very much like Tara, Elizabeth is a bit more pink.

Greenville, NC

Thanks kenboy and danasplants,
I had been looking online and had seen some photos of Tara and Elizabeth, and it seemed like the foliage on elizabeth was a lighter shade of green but still had the red/burgundy on the stems where the leaves attach. tara didn't seem to have these that's where my uncertainty comes from! I have read that tara does have fragrance but have not found anything about elizabeth having a fragrance. So I will go with tara and again, thanks!

Mc Call Creek, MS

Lindsey, I'm pretty sure your beautiful flower is NOT Tara. The placement of flowers on Tara is very symetrical. I'm posting a picture of H Coccinium, which is shaped like Tara. In fact, they are so similar, I don't know the difference in it and Tara. However, you can see that your flower is not placed on the stalk in the same order as my plant that is similar to Tara.

'Hope this helps.


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Mulberry, FL

I have that one bought it at walmart orange they called it Kalhi

Mc Call Creek, MS

There are so many gingers that look very much alike, it is hard to identify them. There is a yellow hedychium called "Kahili".

A good site too look at for help is Dave Skinner, who is one of the very best experts, has pictures and descriptions of just about all the gingers around.

Greenville, NC

Thanks Gaylams, I'll check it out! It's finally gotten warm enough and the gingers are poking their noses up out of the ground!!

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