Look what I got at the grocery store for $1 each

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

I'll be asking for ID's later.

Thumbnail by roxxanne
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

good haul, but you will need to go to the cactus and succulent forum for the id's

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Yep. The big one is a Sansaveria.

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

Yeah, I know but I'm here more than there so I had to share.

North of Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

in the back, mother in law tongue. They flower once in a blue moon - like every 10 years or something....

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Mine bloomed more often but then they are out side-trying to escape their pot.

North of Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

you have just the right touch for those cactus.... :)

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I get news for you--you can not kill a mother-in-law's tongue. I know I have tried!!!!!
Our pot is behind the shade house getting very little sun and very little water and I do not think that there is any room left in that pot for soil. And it is very health.

Any one want any of it??? I need to repot soon (this is my DM's plant that she get from her late mother. A lot of the plant will go into the trash.


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