Mycorrhizal fungi

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if any of you were using mycorrhizal fungi in your container soil. I have been adding granulated product in the hole before transplanting my Ipomoea nil and othe vine plants from their seedling containers to their summer homes in the larger growout containers. The vines seem to grow nicely
and flower up well with minimal phosphorus fertilizer. Just wondering if anyone else was into this activity, too.

Wilmington, Delaware

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Joseph, there was a mycorrhizal coop last spring and I did use it in my seedlings when I potted them up. The petunias really did good. Are you talking about planting them in your summer home like you are a snowbird?

I put some on my strawbales that I plant my tomatoes in but didn't notice a huge difference.

I bought some granules that you put in the holes when you plant, and also some that you mix with water and drench.


Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

Hi Jeanette,

I grow my main crop of morning glory vines in the summer, but in winter I manage to keep a few of the vines also in containers indoors under lights that are on timers. They flower nicely indoors and even make seeds.

I would have participated in the mycorrhizal product coop if I had known about it. From which company was the group purchase made?

I used the granular mycorrhizal fungi product on my tomatoes, too, and just about anything I put in containers this past summer. It would be interesting to design a small experiment to see if there is an effect on say flower and seed production between plants that received or did not receive the granules or some sort of other mycorrhizal fungi product. Those products are a bit pricey at first but I figure you save on fertilizer in the long run.


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Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

What a neat thing to do Joseph. Winter is such a dreary time of year for a lot of us, especially after we retire. I have a couple of lights, one a metal halide and the an HPS in the large reflectors. I do have one on my house plants but never thought about doing what you are. I was going to use them on the seedlings in the spring. Will have to think about it.

Another thing, I forgot about my mycorrhizae but will definitely get some out to put on some of my house plants. I can't remember who it was, someone in Oregon I think. Maybe there is a name on the containers I have. I will look. Will make myself a note to get it tomorrow.

The gal that hosted the coop was maggie. That is all I know her by, but I think that is how she is in Dave's. She is in the exchange I am sure. You might contact her for any info. She was really good.

Thanks, Jeanette

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