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Antivirus System Pro or Platinum

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Is anyone familiar with this? We know little more than the basics about computers and probably made a huge mistake.

We have had Trend Micro for years. Last week several times when we got on the computer, the virus protection would be turned off and we would have to manually turn it on. Saturday morning, our computer was obviously highjacked. According to the Antivirus System (we don't know how it got on the computer) we had 34 viruses. We could do nothing... could not connect to the internet, open any files, play games, etc, except for the Antivirus System Pro or the Trend Micro window. On the Trend Micro window was the same emblem as the one on the Antivirus Systen Pro window, so we thought, okay it's the same company and we knew Trend Micro was due to expire in a couple of weeks. When we clicked on the "buy now" button on Antivirus System, it immediately connected to the internet and let us purchase lifetime protection for $69.95 on our credit card. Also immediately, there were no more problems connecting to the internet or opening any of our files.

Now it appears that Trend Micro and Antivirus System are battling over control of the computer. Antivirus wants to change settings and Trend Micro opens a window, asking if we want to allow the changes. What should we do?

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

>>Antivirus System (we don't know how it got on the computer)

I think my son had the same thing, but his problem wasn't as bad as yours.

** I just ran downstairs for my notes....

the latest problem was "Windows security" / -- which i could find no info on...

but i do recall last summer, or the summer before, my other son had a "antivirus2008" or something like that...

neither knew how it got on their laptops.

I ran all sorts of scans and found nothing.

I tend to google everything....

just found this

Antivirus System PRO is fake antivirus software program that scams individuals out of money. Even if you do not choose "yes" or "no" for the download it may sneak onto your computer and create problems such as pop-ups, slow performance, change in settings, and for those who choose this service they charge money and offer no protection. What should you do if this program attacks your computer? Here are some tips to help you manually remove the malware.
here's another link

If you already paid for this... i'd see if you can get your CC company to stop payment, and or get your money back.

try to get the program off your computer.

do report back on how things progress.


Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks. I just had a feeling we were being taken of, but they really did make it look like they were part of Trend Micro.

I'll show this to DH when he comes in and see if we can get this removed. I'll definitely report back.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Next time, just go to the Trend Micro website, rather than clicking on *anything*! Clicking on "things', can be tricky as that is how the fakers get a hold of your browser, computer and your pocketbook, if they can. So far I have been lucky, but I have been warned many times, to never click onto anything, but to go directly to any website for doing business. This may be a bit late for that, but in general this is a good guide to follow. That way we can stay out of most troubles.

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Just an update...

We have not removed the nasty program yet, but Trend Micro quarantined it on our computer. We filed a dispute with the credit card company, they credited us with the amount pending investigation. My DH wrote an email to Antivirus System telling them exactly what he thought of their methods of highjacking our computer. They replied saying they'd refund our money with 8-10 business days. Computer is working fine now and we learned a very valuable lesson. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

msrobin... glad things are getting taken care of.

when ever I get one of those pages that tells me I have 8000 infected files... i always google the 'anti virus company' that is telling me i need to buy their software to "fix it'.

and sometimes it's about impossible to close the window as i new one keeps popping up. Right there is a dead give away.

when googling [or search engine of your choice] i always look for a "tool" to get rid of it... and again, you will not have to purchase one to do so... there are enough free ones out there.

good luck, and lesson learned... we've all done it.


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