Apple Pie Filling Success

Triad(for a few more, NC(Zone 7a)

I think I posted something about canning apple pie filling earlier this year but cannot find the thread so I am starting this one to share my success story. I had never made apple pie filling to put up for future use before and so wanted to try it this year. So, I bought a bushel of cortland apples from a local orchard in July and started the proccess. I followed the recipe in Ball Big book and bought Clear Gel from King Arthur Flour web site. Well I didn't like the way the first few qts came out cause after processing the apples were too mushy, I don't like applesauce pie. :)

So I got the idea to make the pie filling by cooking the syrup seperately, adding the clear gel and then adding the apple slices while the gel mixture was still warm. I then packed it into gallon ziploc bags and froze. WELL! long story short I made my first pie tonight with the frozen filling and OMG! it is the best apple pie I have ever made or eaten. Apples are still firm and in nice pieces, the syrup/gel mixture is perfect and just all around yummy. I was afraid that freezing it would make it watery when baked but it did not. I just wanted to share this with you all because you have all been so welcoming and helpful with your canning knowledge.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!


Triad(for a few more, NC(Zone 7a)

here is a photo of my yummy pie. Not a great picture but thought someone might ask me to post a pic.

Thumbnail by susandonb1141
New York, NY(Zone 6b)

It looks good. What kind of recipe did you use and how long did it take to bake?. I never thought to freeze apples, always thought they would hold a lot of moisture. Just bought 7lbs of Granny Smith this week for some apple pies I am baking next weekend. I am sure I will have some leftover, now I can experiment with them.
Thanks for the idea.

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Your filling looks great. Come on over and bring the pie with you.

New York, NY(Zone 6b)

Yes I agree, I'll have a slice with my coffee for breakfast.

Triad(for a few more, NC(Zone 7a)

Twiggy: LOL.

torriesmom, wish I could share it with you all. So many great people on DG. I used the filling recipe from Ball canning, I believe it is on their web site, but I have the big book. It came out great. The Cleargel made the difference. I didn't believe people who told me that Cleargel is much better than using regular cornstarch, but they were right. The other trick was not to cook the apples, just stir them into the warm gel/syrup mix and let it cool a bit before bagging it up. I froze them flat in the freezer rather than standing up so that the apples were single layer in the bag.

I love when I have a great success and sharing it with others so they can try it. Hope one or all of you try this.

New York, NY(Zone 6b)

I would love to try it when I have time. I will google the recipe and save it for later. I just picked up my 12 8-oz Ball canning jars that I found on-line at the local JCPenney, could not find them in my area so I imagine I paid extra for the jars but I needed them for various cooking projects. Thanks for the information.

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This is great! I made apple pie filling, canned it and it also turned into applesauce pie. I assumed I had the wrong type of apples! I love using clearjel, it does work well. I also use it for cherries too. I want to try and make a pastry filling using apples, cherries and strawberries, but I haven't been brave enough to experiement with that yet. I have 7 apple trees and 4 different varieties, so I can't wait until this coming fall when I can try the pie filling again! Thanks for letting us know!

Triad(for a few more, NC(Zone 7a)

I have found the Cortlands work the best. I also slice them thick, then they hold up better.

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