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BCS 948 Tiller, anyone have one

Fort Bragg, CA

I am considering buying a BCS 948 Tractor with the 33" tiller, anyone have any experience with BCS. I have a full size tractor for most of the heavy work but I need something for some of the smaller areas and when I just do partial work.

Snellville, GA(Zone 7b)'s by far the best garden tiller on the market. In addition to tilling I used it as a transportation device by hooking it up to my tractor wagon. The only thing I caution you about it is that if you are tilling it in high speed and you hit a buried stump or boulder it will take you air born. It is a very powerful machine. Never had any troubles with it other than running into a tree and cracking the cover.

Fort Bragg, CA

Thanks: I've researched them a lot and settled on the brand and model without actually seeing one or talking to any owners. I really appreciate your input. There is nothing like first-hand experience when it comes to machinery.

Chuck (AKA Seasoned Warriior)


There was one BCS in our family. It moved into the second generation and now the third is using it. The total cost of ownership was some parts and a rebuild after being used all these years. If I were a tiller person this is the one I most likely would wish to own.

Other members of my family are in the garden hoeing weeds nearly every evening. I was in my garden replacing or adding mulch maybe three hours a week. The very tiny bit I do now still comes down to growing through permanent mulch. Due to age and health I do most of my farming at the farmer's market today.

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