Diversions in the Season of Denial

Gastonia, NC(Zone 7b)

sounds like they do indeed eat just about everything....... It is the small birds, though, that I would likely have the most problem with their eating, where I could see it......

Picante, alls I can tellya is, an Astral Elephant is Whistling Sam........

Look, I know that is so not a fair answer to a fair question, but so far, this is all the information WS has seen fit to part with. I took him outa his box outa the wrapping etc, said hello, and he said (in that way they do, you know) "My name is Whistling Sam the Astral Elephant."

so there you have it.

Dahlianut, you are having way too much fun as always. ;-) Glad the desert yielded its roadrunners up to schmooze with you.

Roybird, gah! Four hours of a family dinner gathering would be more than I could take at one sitting. I would have to manufacture an excuse to make a run to the store or otherwise step away for a break...... I used to smoke and that worked, I could step out for a smoke, out of the fray, and come back in ready to be with whomever for another while......

Santa Fe, NM

Yeah, Kyla, back when I used to smoke it was handy for that. Now, I hide behind a camera. The dinner itself did not take 4 hours but the whole rigamarole of pre and post dinner did. And longer, 'cause we were first to leave. Back in the Day, the Christmas Day celebration took literally All Day from early morning until late at night. Sometimes it continued in to Boxing Day! And I come from a family that has to take frequent "alone breaks" during a normal day just to stay civil. Even more so during a holiday. So, this has been a real education for me. Ah, the stories I could tell!

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Cooking is a great way to divorce oneself from the family fray! A time honored tradition in my family, thus producing several excellent cooks. My home is designed differently though. I have a kitchen surrounded by living area. I refuse to cook unless diners talk to me while I do so. Still, when someone says something one doesn't wish to discuss, the sauce can develop a near-fatal flaw requiring immediate attention. I gave up smoking in ancient history, when smokers weren't forced outdoors. That was really a long time ago.

Gastonia, NC(Zone 7b)

Oh yeah, I had forgotten that about cooking! I used to use that when I was married and my parents came for a visit. I remember Mom commenting about how I was "always working." *smile*

Roybird, I hear ya! Ah, families! Love em, gotta take small doses sometimes.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

I feel the same way. This was our first Christmas with no family and we thoroughly enjoyed the lack of tension. What we miss is the joy of having kids around who so enjoy everything about Christmas.
When I was married the first time I had a sister-in-law with a husband and son and an MIL with spouse. The three women divided up the work and had a wonderful time putting on the Christmas and Thanksgiving feast for everyone -- each of us cooking our specialties.
In my second marriage, this one, I was the only cook, decorator and farolito lighter and I quickly tired of the whole thing. Some people are holiday people and some are not, I learned.

Santa Fe, NM

The cooking escape is a good one, Paja. My tai chi teacher is an excellent cook partly for that reason. He is easily bored by conversation and wants "something to do". I think D.H. is the same. Picture taking is a good activity but can be annoying to those who run from cameras. I just explain that I need the practice and will delete the bad ones.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Yes, cooking is a nice way to be artistic and to show love without having to say much. I used to love to make dishes for potlucks. Nowadays, there are few potlucks in my life -- I think we are all on diets of various kinds and cooking and eating at pot lucks is complicated.

Carson City, NV(Zone 6b)

I'm glad everyone has survived their holidays. My parents have been here for three days and DH says he will come to visit me if I end up in prison :) He is also good at using the cooking excuse to get out of conversations, though his mom would not let him help cook on Friday so he went out to break up the ice that has formed on their driveway.

We off to spend most of the day shopping so DH can have a break.

Santa Fe, NM

Shoveling snow and breaking ice is also one my D.H. likes. I went out for a short walk today and it was right chilly. About 25 degrees at my house right now and cloudy. It felt good to be out. I tried to do some post Christmas sale shopping but only saw one thing I wanted and it was still too expensive, got a coffee that was so bad I dumped most of it out and decided to just enjoy walking. I love thrift stores and when I see regular prices, even on sale, for boring things like jackets or candles I just get offended! :0 And if I see too many things that look alike I always decide I don't want any. D.H. loves it when I go to malls, which is almost never, because I never find anything. It is entertaining, tho, for a time.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

I scored a magnificent Chicken metal statue at Pier One. My chickens will be out there picking on her soon. LOL

Gastonia, NC(Zone 7b)

Roybird, I am that kind of shopper too! Avoid it whenever possible unless I feel the particular desire for that kind of entertainment. Plus which, shopping online has made it all much easier......

Katlian, stay out of jail, I don't think you can get on the internet in jail..... ;-)

Sof, can there please be pictures posted of metal Chicken? And, are you waiting to see if it survives the flock attack before finding out its name?

My houseguest, who was a total delight as she was here on retreat and spent just as much time alone in her room as I wanted to spend in mine, left rather suddenly this morning due to a friend's medical emergency back in her home town...... in a situation in which apparently she is the most knowledgeable one around to assist, so, that was a rapid adjustment for me! Expecting to have the company for a week more at least...... ah well.

It is extremely quiet here and that is wonderful.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Quiet is a good thing. DH is home for the break from work. Not that he needs to take a break. He can work from home almost as well as from work. But today he decided to start throwing things away, to my astonishment! He fights like a tiger if I try to throw anything away.
But he, too, has seen things in a new light since his mother's passing. He cleared off a credenza previously buried in mail and now has a place for his scanner and his mother's printer to which he can now hook up his laptop which can connect to the internet through our router -- which we have had for a year or more.
We had to spend time updating his laptop so it could print to his mother's printer but if finally worked and we are a happy family again.
I spent a good bit of the afternoon attempting to back up our home computer with all of our photos and my recipes to a DVD. Sounds easy but it wasn't as easy as it should have been. Next time will be easier, I hope, now that I understand the DVD burner. Afterwards, I went to the pool for a water aerobics workout. It feels wonderful to get some exercise after about 4 days of sloth.
I haven't been to any physical sales but purchased a purchased a pair of slippers in an online sale. Bought a pair that didn't fit before Christmas and will be returning them. Found in the brochure that accompanied the new slippers that last years slippers which were chewed to death by then puppy dogs was on sale for very little. I bought them and returned the new, non-fitting slippers. Life is good.
Also picked up a few long wanted objects on ebay. How did I manage before the internet? I remember being introduced to it in 1993 and wondering if it would catch on. Boy did it ever!
Last night visited friend with broken leg in Espanola, a town nearby, hospital. It seems our orthopedic surgeon had just left for Christmas break. ( We are a ski town!!!) Santa Fe hospital was full of people from car crashes and this guy was in too much pain to be driven to Albuquerque. Air evacuation was impossible due to snow clouds ( this was Wednesday.) Luckily Espanola had an orthopedic surgeon on call, and a good one, to our amazement. He is fine but won't be able to put weight on his foot for 6 weeks minimum. Poor guy.

Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

Wow! We're at 211 posts already! What a chatty bunch we are!

New thread here:
"Diversions while we wait for the days to get Long Enough"

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