Coffee Bean Germination

Austin, TX

Hi. I've recently had some luck (about the same yield as what Sweet Maria's expected -- 20-30%) germination coffee beans of different varieties.

I've discovered some problems that I had some questions about. Maybe someone could help.

The beans imbibe quickly (within 24 hours, usually) and the radicals are extremely fragile. Is it best to plant before the radical gets too long to break off?

As seedlings, am I going to have problems with low altitude? I know I can control temperature and soil conditions easily.


Ile-Ife, Nigeria

I believe working with seeds like this need alot of patience and accuracy. Please, patiently plant the seeds immediately you discovered that there is no increment in seed size or weight (or no enlargement of seed size ) but before the radicle emerge.



Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Isn't the issue of altitude just about the temperature/climate?

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