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Chestnuts taste like...

The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

Today's information was sooo interesting. I never knew what chestnuts tasted like and now I know - sweet potatoes!

That and the ice jam and earthquake made for some good tidbits of information...

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

I struck the gold mine for trivia a couple weeks ago...Columbus' log was fascinating...and there are quite a few tidbits over the next month that are a real hoot. (I'll let it go at that...but you'll get a chuckle) I also found a great weather trivia resource and since this is December, there will be some great items following those today.

We add trivia every time we find it, so if you run across something...(remember, we need the day, month and year) just give us a shout.

The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

okey dokey. Looking forward to more fun facts.

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