Salem, IL(Zone 5b)


Folks who surf the internet looking for "free downloads" should read the above
link carefully. A lot of security issues can be tracked back to the practice of
depending upon free software for computer security.

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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I always download from download.com or cnet... which i think now owns/controls download.com

I always see the "tested spyware free" on the download page....

so far... **knock on formica** i've been lucky.

Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

It is kind of a long read but if you get toward the end there is a list of
the common culprits, some of which have popped up on a few of the
DG member's computers, including mine. The "scareware" warning
you of multiple viruses and of how to disinfect your pc. Do not open
their site. It is a scam.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I've been thru that on both my kids laptops.... I never click on anyones site that tells me they can fix it if i give them my credit card.

I usually google the 'ad' and what ever warning i may get... I usually get to the bottom of the problem.... with out losing any cash or hair. [from pulling tufts]

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