Healthy Lifestyle Support Thread Dec. 19th - 26th, 2009

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I almost forgot that this is Friday and I need to start another thread for the week. It will be a busy week for everyone. I pray for safe travel for everyone and their loved ones.

The weatherman just told us that what Vic is getting will be here next week sometime. It seems there are some large storms moving down from the north. I'll make sure I have plenty of bird feeds, and foods I think I can't live without. Like my Parkey spray and Sara Lee 49 cal. whole or multigrain I'll get what I don't have to bake some sugar free cookies, and maybe a sf ff cheese cake, etc. to take to Kris's so Kyle won't be so tempted to eat foods he really should not eat. He is trying so hard to stick to the diabetic diet and I don't want to make it harder for him.

Susan, how much rain did you end up with? Any more parties before Christmas Day?

Sue, any word yet from your DH about his flight from China? What time tomorrow is he due in?

Tina, did you say your DH is doing a lot of the cooking for your family Christmas?

Larkie, how are your plans coming along?

I really need to go to bed. GOD bless and keep each of you.

Good Morning!

We're to get into the mid to upper 30's today but not sure if we'll get any melt or not as it will be cloudy.

Ric, we were without electric for days during the blizzard of '78. Our youngest daughter was born December 22 so was only weeks old when the blizzard came. We were snowbound and couldn't have gotten out if we tried.

Get this, friends of ours contacted the police and told them we had a newborn and they sent a helicopter to check on us with formula - lol Fortunately, I was nursing so we were ok.

We had 10 to 12 foot drifts during the blizzard. I'll never forget it.

We're warm and toasty and trying to figure out how to get the dogs to go potty. lol

Joann, thanks for the jello recipe. Sounds delish! Baby B is gorgeous and I LOVE that color.

Off to check fires...

Stay warm and safe!


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Oh, gee.........I don't want to hear anymore about SNOW!!!! LOL I want warm breezes and white sand and palm trees and blue water............oh, I guess I've said that before here, haven't I?? :>)

Ok, we have tv now.

Don't laugh - the satellite is up high and I can't reach it from the deck so I leaned over the deck, trying to thaw the ice from it with my blow dryer. I was going to use Hank's heat gun but I was afraid it would melt the dish.

Well the blow dryer was taking too long so I had to physically get the ice/snow from the dish.

All is well and I see this storm is moving NE and leaving those folks with 15 to 24 inches of snow. YIKES!


none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

would anyone else like my dad bread recipe ? its a wild rice bread . it makes 5 loaves so be prepared. I don't know if you can do it in a bread machine ?
Anna i got you on the list for it :)
i will try and type it or i can snail mail it to you
i just worry that i may leave something out if i type it .
but i shall try my best , if you all wold like me to post it here.
he only does snail mail . he is an old school kind of guy LOL :) so i m waiting for him to mail it to me
we got 2 " of snow but i m not complaining compred to what vic has going on wow.
Baby B is a cutie and what a pretty dress. I don't do much with santa either. Good to hear others don't.
Anna don't the swiss children leave their shoes out on the porch for santa ?
vic i sure wish you got a pic of that " drying of the dish " that could be a hole other calender for DG LOLLLL

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Anna, I'm sure you are sick of snow by now. And winter has just begun.

I remember a few hard winters here in MO. One was in the mid to late '60s and when Christmas vacation was over the schools were still closed due to unsafe roads for the buses. The children had a 3 wk. vacation that winter. One day I finally told Jack to take me for a ride for a few minutes at least before I seriously hurt one or more of the children. I think we were gone for about 30 - 45 minutes(his father or a hired man watched the children). We lived in a renovated one room school house so it got cramped sometimes. The acustics in that house were way too good. You could whisper in one end and be hear at the other end. Not that anyone did any Interior dimentions were 29' X 35'. We have had about 6 really hard snowy winters that stand out in my memory tho I don't know the year each happened since we moved here in '73. One of them the oldest of the 3 younger children was old enough to know how to drive the tractor and operate the snow/silage bucket. He would make huge deep piles of snow and the 3 of them would jump off the bucket into them. They had on plenty of clothes and even those heavy thermal foam lined moon boots, but eventually the snow worked its way down into the boots. They refused to come into the house as I kept telling them to until their feet were frozen and they all suffered frost bite which tortures them to this day. Kris was the youngest and suffered the worst. She ended up with chillbanes and was in a wheel chair a few months later because the pain in her legs was so bad she couldn't stand to be on her feet. She still cannot keep her feet and legs warm no matter what she does. If we get much snow here I just stay put. Jack always took us to town when he heard a heavy snow or ice storm was coming and made sure we were stocked up with foods. We had an LP gas cookstove so we could cook and he made sure there was plenty of LP in the big tank.

Vic, I am so glad you got the dish cleaned off and didn't fall and hurt yourself doing it. I'll bet you used a lot of electricity trying to blow it clean. LOL So you have a small shopvac you could suction it off with next time? The hose should reach it if you thought the blow dryer air could. Of course then you would have to empty the snow out of the shopvac.

Sue, your DH is due in today, right? Any news on his flight? He should be in the air now if the weather permitted it to leave China. It's something like a 22 - 24 hr. flight if I remember what DGD said when she was stationed in Korea.

Joann, give B a hug for me. She is at such a sweet age. Enjoy every moment of time with her. The years slip away so quickly and then they are adults.

The little bit of snow we had is gone now. The soil is still warm enough that it won't last long.

I just got up so I need to get busy and fix some breakfast and get dressed.

I'll give the poultry another day of freedom today. I've noticed that they sometimes huddle under some tall rose bushes with sweet pea vines covering it on the south end of the house and a couple other places so I am assuming they are taking shelter from hawks when they see one. I do go out a few times a day to check on things & haven't seen any hawks lately but I guess they do. I don't think I've lost any more chickens for a week or so but I did see pigeon feathers that haven't been there for long yesterday. That could be one of my cats. Which is why she isn't allowed outside very much.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

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Waaaay Down South, GA

Hi y'all!
Oh Vic ... thnks for the pic! Boy, y'all have really had it, haven't you. I got the DH in here to look at it with me. :-) Have been watching your weather on the news too. Brrr Be careful girl! So glad DD made it home safe!

Joann, thanks for that recipe, and the picture is adorable. The only problem is I just want to give her lots of hugs! LOL

Ric, hope you have a wonderful day with safe travels. Y'all don't eat too much! hahaha

We always had a nice blend of Church related activities along with Santa. I became a Christian at a very young age thanks to good parents and the influence of a very beloved Grandmother. She was a strong influence on my life, and I had no problem knowing that Jesus was the Gift at Christmas. It's so sad a lot of people have lost this.

Okay, guess this will sound funny after what I just wrote, but I received an early Christmas from the DH today. It was delivered this morning. A GH! It's a little cheap one but will help me get through the winter. The problem down here are the daytime temps, and this has 6 vents, so I won't have to drag the plants out during the day. :-) It's 12x7x7. ^_^ He's fixing to go out and start trying to set it up. It's wet out ... (EvaMae, I think we got around 4 inches total) so I better get up from here and go help out!

Y'all have a blessed day!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

vic glad to hear you are OK!
We used to have our dish on the ground so cleaning was never a problem.
Now it's on the roof but close to the edge.... I just tap it w/ a 10' piece of 1" PVC.

Susan what a Great Gift!

We woke to about an inch of snow. Temps were 33 so it was wet snow.
Now it's 34 and we might have 1/2" left.
It has been snowing steadily but the roads and sidewalks are clear. Most yards showing grass.
It is snowing more heavily up in Dayton.
Radar shows it moving out about the time we leave to go up so......


Sedalia, MO

Sue I would love the recipe. I like trying different bread recipes.
Leaf I hope we don't get too much snow next week,as Fred has to go to dialysis no matter the weather. However the weather channel is calling for snow tue, wed, thur, fri, and sat.Better fill those feeders before it hits so your not out in it.
Vic how much did you end up getting? I may have missed it in your post.
Ok better get off wanted to say Hello to all and mark this, my youngest son is commin up today, doesn't live far from us, but enjoy it when any of the kids come by. Have a great day all.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

I forgot to add.

A Friend up in Beavercreek is a Realtor/Landlord.
One of her tenants moved out!... and left a Gas Grill...which she has offered to us for free.
Supposedly it's a very nice one so we'll swing by this afternoon and check it out.
Probably need to borrow Jon's trailer if it's a keeper.

Wet gloppy snow is spalting down from the trees now.
So I guess the picture taking is on hold....LOL!


none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Dh has made it to chicago. his cell phone was stolen while in korea :(
so i got it cancelled
other than that ?
still have to shower and get ready
got to check on chickens to see if i got any eggs .
all the pretty snow on the tree's is gone on our area too. wish i got a pic this am .
well its coming down a little here.
so off i go

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Sue, does the bread contain whole cooked wild rice or is it made into a flour before being added to the recipe? I think it sounds very interesting. I could make the loaves and with my slicer I can make the slices easily and freeze just a few to a pkg. so I don't overeat. Homemade bread is a big weakness of mine.

Ronnie, the worse the weather gets the more birds I have to feed so filling the feeders becomes an almost daily task. I have 3 that hold about a gallon each and 2 smaller tube feeders. I have one or 2 gallon jugs with holes cut in the sides that I can start hanging too. Sometimes you can count 2 or 3 dozen birds eating at a time. I found the suet cake that Bing's had on sale last spring in the 'fridge and put it out this morning. I'll need to either make some or buy them to help get some birds thru the winter. I'll hang some meat scraps in a few days I guess.Jack loved watching the birds at the feeders.

I just found out that the family Christmas will be at Kyle & Holly's and if it gets crowded it will get moved to my home. So I need to do more cleaning and decorating than originally planned. I think this may put me more in the Christmas spirit this year. I have the tree out & sitting in a chair in the living room so all I have to do is decide whether to clean off the traditional table it has sat on for many years or just put it up on top of Sheri degu's cage.with a pretty cloth under it. I could put the stuff from the table on Sheri's cage.

Ric, I pray you and Robyn have a safe trip. I'm sure that you know how to drive on slick/snowy roads. It's the people who seldom have slick roads who get into trouble because they don't know what to do under those conditions if they start to slide, etc. They don't understand they have to allow extra distance for braking or even just slowing down and that you take corners more slowly.

Susan, congratulations on the greenhouse. As much as you plant and grow it will really help you to extend your season and help you to not have to move your plants in and out so much. A few years ago I would have been envious.

I need to get more done. GOD bless and keep each of you. BBL

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Leaf yes its whole cooked wild rice in the bread.
it is my weakness also . lol :)
Susan great gift !!! you will have so much fun with it !
Ric have a safe and wonderful trip

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Sue, I would like very much to have a copy of that recipe. Is any of the flour in it whole wheat or rye? Haven't acommplished much so far today. I need to get more motivated. Turned off the TV. Lots of good movies on and I tend to spend too much time in from of the boobtube watching them.

Grocery list is getting longer. I think I'll do a cheese cake and peach crisp with oatmeal for the topping. Kyle loves peach pie and this will be better for him and I can make it with no sugar added. I'm also suppose to make scoops by Dorito with pieces of summer sausage & cheese in each. I'll nuke them to melt the cheese then maybe add an olive or piece of pickle.

Sue, you are an hour ahead of me timewise. Any word yet on your DH's flight? Which airport will he fly into? If I know I will watch weather channel for possible delays, etc. I'm praying he comes in right on time.

GOD bless and keep each of you. BBL

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the concern.
We got home about 9 PM but had some company.

Well we dodged a bullet.
We drove up and back in basically rain.
Traffic near the malls was bad and we did see two wrecks but those appeared to be driver error rather than weather related.
Snow showers did hit as we neared home but at 34 nothing stuck.
Light traffic mellow ride coming home.
Good food, Good time!

I took driver's ed during an extremely snowy winter.
Learned all the tricks.... then took a defensive driver's course... then drove truck for a few years.
I'm VERY comfortable driving in any weather.
I only wish those who are not comfortable would stay off the roads.
There was a woman doing 40 MPH in a 65 zone on the way back home tonight.
Sure there were some flurries but..... Jeez!
She about got plowed a few times.


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Ya, I have enough of snow. And cold. But, it doesn't make much difference what I want, it is here till it goes away.

Just put a 12x18 pan of yellow buns in the oven for a potluck tomorrow. Yum. Gonna make those Praline Brookies too, but those will have to wait till morning. Early 5 am or so. :>)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

They were again a hit at the Dinner Anna.
Thanks again for that recipe.
I'm actually going to make buns next!


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Oh, your dinner was today, Ric??? I thought you were doing all this cooking for Christmas day. LOL glad they were a hit.

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Hello everyone,
I know some of you or really most of you are sawing logs by now and I am usually but just returned home from our school Christmas dinner. So very nice. Potluck, but I did the ham and a big pan of scalloped potatoes made from shredded potatoes and sour cream and cheese. Received a nice bonus considering what little I do for tutoring/teaching. One family gave me $50 gift card to Olive Garden. That was incredibly generous I think. I will definitely enjoy that one.

OK, Ric, you have absolutely convinced me; Yellow Buns for Christmas dinner. Looking forward to trying these yummies.

Be safe all of you with snow and bad driving conditions. Just foggy here tonight but no freezing rain, sleet or snow.

Good night , God bless, Joann

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Anna, I see you are s till up; you are certainly a night owl. Are you just getting up or headed to bed? When does your morning milking start?

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Joann, I crashed on the futon till it was time to put our barn duds in the dryer, but "overslept" a bit (it was midnight here.......LOL). So, woke up, put the stuff in the dryer and went to bed. Now I am up making Praline Brookies for our potluck today. Yellow buns need to be put in a ziplock bag. Still warm when I went to bed, so couldn't do it then. Don't want to contribute soggy buns. :>)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Joann it sounds like you had a GREAT Time!

I had mentioned the Ham from Meijer's.
My DS said it's just called a Meijer Spiral Ham.
I think it's as good as the HoneyBaked Ham Store ones.
And WAY cheaper.

Anna I've been baking them till about 90% finished.
I'm doing Knots so 13 minutes (32/recipe ) is done.
I take them out at 11 minutes.... let cool completely and freeze.
Then just take them out...
let thaw till ALL the water is absorbed back into the dough... bake 350 for 3 minutes.
Yesterday's we didn't freeze just refrigerated... same bake time.

Joann these, like most rolls/buns, are made w/ a stickier dough than bread.
I use a dough scraper and just keep cutting in 1/2 until I reach 32.
Then gently fingertip roll, floured board, them into about about a 10" long stick.
Simple knot. Cover w/ bread towel.
For buns I'd do 16 I think.

The secret for all breads that I've learned is steam.
I put a cast iron skillet in the bottom of the oven.
Let it preheat for about 45 minutes.
(Two minutes before the dough goes in brush the tops w/ water or egg wash.
I've found those new silicon pastry brushes to be GREAT!)
Get a 1/2 cup and fill it w/ hot water.
Open the oven and wearing mitts and face away from the opening..... quickly pour the water in the skillet.
(It will steam up violently so be prepared... in fact you might want to practice this a few times.)
Then immediately slide the dough in and shut the oven door.
The faster you do this the better.
This steam causes 'oven spring' and your dough will rise 1/4-1/2 larger than w/o it.

I'll be making Sandwich and Hot Dog Buns soon and reporting back.


Afternoon All........

Ric, thanks for the tip on steam. I LOVE tips like that for recipes. It can make all the difference in the world.

Anna, thanks again for your bread recipe. The texture is perfect to slice for sandwiches if I would choose to.

The melt has started because we are so SUNNY today. Piles of snow everywhere and still tons of it around but the sun is do a number on it.

I know a lot of you have/had family get togethers this week-end so I hope you've had/have fun.

We're going over to our daughters house in a little bit "if" we can get out of the driveway. It's a bit messy so stay tuned.... Hank was going to plow with the bobcat but the snow goes away here so fast.

Stay warm and happy - wherever you are....


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

You're welcome vic.
The oven spring technique looks scary but I've never been steam burned.
There are technical reasons for why it works.
Personally I think it's the CO2 the Yeast release as they are Screaming AAAAAAKKKKKKK!

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Time for a Sunday nap, but will pop in and say hello while the last few minutes of ham balls gets finished. Today my niece is holding a get together with my brothers and their kids and families. We are doing the appetizer thing, Vic, so one of the dd's suggested hamballs which is great as I had enough left over from last night. This uses ground ham and ground pork, bread crumbs, eggs, milk, the usual ingredients for meatballs. Then you cook brown sugar, water, vinegar, and a teaspoon of mustard till it slightly thickens about 4 minutes of simmering. Pour over the meatballs and oven brown for an hour.
Pretty yummy. I will take a plate of Christmas cookies too. And I found a wonderful cranberry margarita recipe in the Sunset magazine. We tried this at Thanksgiving. It passed the test too.

Healthy living and we are all talking food. That is great!!! I guess food and holidays/holydays are synonomous.
I just love seeing all the grands; B. and nieces and nephews' kids now too.

So, Anna, when do you sleep? I imagine when you get the opportunity you never any of this sleeplessness that so many olders suffer with. Even L's sleeping patterns have altered in the last couple of years.

And with that I think a nap is calling. Have a restful last Sunday of Advent. Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat(me too) LOL . Speaking of goose, I am not a big fan of duck or goose. We had some of that growing up as Daddy raised all kinds of birds. I am white meat person myself.


Waaaay Down South, GA

Hi y'all!
Just checking in for a quick min. I have a few cookies in the oven. yeah ... Nestles ... but they'll be warm and fattening. LOL

I hope everyone is having lots of fun with family and friends. this is such a wonderful time of year.
Glad to see everyone is staying safe. The weather is doing a number, isn't it? LOL We're having freeze warnings again tonight. It hasn't been above 49 here today. Brrr!

I too am enjoying all the talk about food for a change. It's fun seeing what all everyone is having. I went and got my ham and sweet potatoes this week-end. Joann, will make your salad for me and the DH. None of his family would eat it. LOL

Okay, timers dinging.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

hi gang
wow you all have been so busy.
glad your all having fun
Dh got home around 5;30 pm and i made him a steak dinner. IT was a 30 hr flight full trip. china -korea-chicago-columbus ohio.
eating is kinda bad but i m doing it in small sizes . :)
got the christmas ham and didn't relize it was sunday ? duh. i m sure i will wake up with a stripped ham bone in my ned next to me by wendsday. LOL
sure hope you all are having a good weekend.
good night

Went over to dd and dsil's for supper and had a lovely time. We made it in and out of our driveway ok but Hank had to dust off his yankee driving in the snow skills as in whatever you do, DON"T STOP! lol It's been a long time since he had to drive in this stuff.

He's going to run the bobcat up and down the drive tomorrow and get rid of the rest of the ice and snow.


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Sue, I'm so thankful your DH is safely home with you and the twins. What a blessing that is. I do pray he can find work here and doesn't have to go back to China.

I had flu symptoms today. Went to services this morning, got really nauseated and started vomiting. I had to leave withing 30 min. of getting there. I felt fine when I left home. I really have to go to work tomorrow tho I may call and see if I can do my Friday hours which is only 4 hours instead of 7. Perhaps by Tues. I be on top of this stuff. Eating yogurt this evening and graham cracker's & they are staying down. I'm feeling a headache coming on again. I woke up with a horrible one at 2:30 this morning.

Joann, it sounds as tho you and your family are have a wonderful time. You have the right attitude about Christmas and GOD will reward you richly for it. I'm glad to hear you were blessed by the school for your efforts. The couple who gave the gift card will be rewarded too. Enjoy Olive Gardens. I'm hoping to go with Kris someday.

Susan, your preparations for your big dinner sound great.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Joann, I seem to wake up every hour and a half or 2 hours during the night. Grrrrr.........I get up, visit the "facilities", have a little drink of wa-wa, and go back to bed. I don't know how long it has been since I slept through the night. Getting sick and tired of it.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Hint... don't drink the!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

It's not the water. I still wake up even if I don't have any/much.

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

It is the age, I swear. I rarely sleep through but I have found a little over the counter sleep aid which does help. It is a small dose of antihistamine.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Well, i have something is called wine. :>) I still wake up but I don't care. LOL

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

I do the wine too, it doesn't always work. I see we are both awake early. I am heading back, hope to get a couple of more hours.


I think it's an "old age deal" guys. I have it too. I've been up since 3. Ugh....

Susan, I'm sorry I didn't comment on your greenhouse - Woo Hoo!

Sue, glad your hubby got home safe.

EvaMae, I sure hope you don't have the flu!

Ric, can't wait to see how the hot dog buns turn out....

It's 23 and icy and COLD!


Sedalia, MO

I think it is a skeep thing to. I wake up two aor three times a night also. I to use the anthistimine to help sleep.
Susan congratulations on the GH.
Sue glad your DH is home safe and sound.
Vic is your snow aboute all gone?
Leaf hope you don't have the flu, take care and be sure and get a lot of rest and chicken soup.
Hello to Tina,Ric,RR and all I have missed have to get off here and get ready to go to Fred's christmas party at the DCI. Have a great day all.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Great Day to you ALL!

Well it's Winter Solstice!
So light your Yule Logs!
The days will be getting longer and we've turned the corner toward Spring!

Great leftovers last night!
Turkey, Smashed Potatoes and Gravy, Rolls and Cornbread Casserole.
I HATE Broccoli but Robyn had some of her casserole too....
We're doing Lasagna for Christmas Eve Dinner.
Everyone is about Turkey and Hammed!
I'll do some Garlic Rolls or Bread the leftover Rolls from Saturday.
Our nephew is doing the Lasagna... I like Robyn's better but.... lol!


Waaaay Down South, GA

Hi y'all!
So sorry I've been MIA a bit lately. I've had a headache the past couple of days ... Don't know what's up with that.

Sue, I'm so relieved to know your DH is home safe. Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas together.

Ronnie, stay safe and have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas to you today!

Vic, did I tell you how glad I was your DD made it home safe? Also glad y'all made it through that nasty weather okay.

Ric, soundsd like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family Saturday. Glad your weather wasn't as bad as predicted.

Joann, that was very kind of the family to gift you with the certificate ...

Anna, I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping. At least you're not alone. LOL

So Ric, do guys go through this or just gals? My DH sure doesn't seem to suffer any! LOL

EvaMae, hope you feel better.

Okay, I had a phone call in the middle of this so will just post this for now. Will BBL. ~ing to those I've missed.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Nope I sleep just fine.
6 hours a night... have for 35 years or so.
I can get by for days on 4-5 if needed.
Then usually a 20 minute power nap around 4 PM when my biorhythms drop off.....
THAT one I miss if I don't get!

EvaMae I too hope you are doing better!


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