I added too much salt to my sausage mix.

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

OK, I have been trying to make sausage with my DH deer so I mixed the ground deer meat and mix it with fat from the pork to make it a little more tasty, the problem is the pork fat that I bought is the salted kind and I mixed it with the gound deer, unfortunately it made it too salty, I was wonering if there is any way to fix this problem, will adding more ground deer solve the problem or any other ground meat?

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

OK I was able to fix it by putting more meat into the mix. Now if anybody has a suggestion on a good but not extremely expensive sausage stuffer, I have the kitchenaid one and it is horrible, it took me 1 hour to stuff 2 small sausages so I just gave up.

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Carminator, we bought this grinder a few years ago and it also has a sausage stuffing attachment. We really like it for both purposes. It's much faster and better than the one I have for my ancient Mixmaster:


I noticed that a lot of places that make sausage from people's deer use a 60% deer/40% fatty pork mix. I buy pork ends or fatty butt to make mine.

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

Thank you greenhouse_gal, it is a good idea to buy pork ends, never thought of that, I just did mine with salted pork fat but will not do it again, too much fat and salt.

About the machine it looks very good but it is a little pricey, the problem is I have a fairly good grinder already, the kitchenaid one works very good at least for the amount of meat we grind which tends to only be when my DH gets a deer so I was hoping to just get a basic sausage stuffer, but everything I've seen online is just like the one you describe, the stuffer and the grinder all in one.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

I know, it's pricey, but I checked it out before I bought it and it got excellent reviews.

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