New Zealand Pink Pear Tomato Question

Collegedale, TN


Several years ago, I traded with another gardener for some New Zealand Pink Pear seeds. I was very happy with the trade and have been growing these for several years and have traded them with other gardeners but am now wondering if I have real New Zealand Pink Pear tomatoes! I have seen some photos posted on other websites that say they are NZ Pink Pear tomatoes but mine don't look like those.

These tomatoes have a pale pink outside color but the insides are a deep crimson red which is wonderful for making tomato products! The fruit is very dry and flesh is somewhat stringy when blanched. I have included a picture but it isn't the best representation of the fruit. The color is a little off.

I have grown many different types of pear tomatoes but none of them have this long slender shape or are as dry as this variety. It is clearly a paste tomato. The fruits are very long some of them were about 6 inches long and very slender with a small lump towards the bottom third of the fruit. They aren't the same size all the way down the fruit like Roma or other paste tomatoes. But they aren't short, and fat like other pear tomatoes.

Could someone tell me if I am growing true New Zealand Pink Pear tomatoes or some other variety? THanks so much for your assistance!

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Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

The variety is usually called just New Zealand Pear ( no pink in the name) b'c it is pink so adding that would be redundant. ( smile)

Anyway, I read the descriptions of all those who list it in the 2009 SSE YEarbook and most say typical pear shape, one says like a Bartlett pear.

You said something about the flesh being red, but it should be. The flesh of both red and pink tomatoes is red, but the appearance of the fruits is dependent on the color of the epidermis, mainly, clear and it's pink, yellow and it's red.

One of the folks who lists it in the Yearbook also sells seeds so you might want to go to her website to see if she does list it and show a picture, and that's

Oh, and most say a dark pink, not a pale pink as you said.

I didn't take the time to Google it and look at any pictures , I just read the reports of those who had grown it.

Hope that helps.


Collegedale, TN

Thanks for your reply. I guess my biggest worry is the shape of these tomatoes. They are long and skinny with only a slight bulge at the bottom. Many of them look like long, fat fingers. And, as far as I know, pear tomatoes aren't supposed to be long and skinny. So, that is what has me worried! If anyone has grown these and can tell me if the shape of yours is like mine or not, I would appreciate it.


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