G. communis sp byzantinus planting depth; vole protection

Florence, MS(Zone 7b)

I bought some Gladiolus communis sp. byzantinus on sale. This is my first time trying to grow glads; the depth to plant is listed as 6-10" deep, spacing varies 3-5". What would be the best depth for a silty clay loam with a fragipan at about 10 inches; should I plant them a bit shallower since the clay should keep the stalks more upright than a sandier soil?

I also have voles. Are the corms particularly tasty to voles? If so, what would be options on protection? I already have 2 cats and snakes from the woods working on the problem and don't want to poison them. My property is bordering woods so total eradication is not likely.

Susan in Jackson Mississippi
zone 8/7b

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I just saw your post and had hoped to see some answers.
Can't believe not a single person picked up on this.
I don't know about the depth, etc. I purchased some last year, but then never planted them because the voles are so bad in my yard. I made the mistake of killing 2 rather large black snakes (after they each got Bluebird nestlings). They had probably been keeping the voles in check and I hate that I did that. I'm on who tells others not to kil black snakes. my love for those Bluebirds just made be freak though.
Hope your glads did well!


Florence, MS(Zone 7b)

Hi Sheri!

I completely understand about killing the snakes after losing bluebirds!

I haven't seen the plants yet... A few spears of leaves coming thru, but I'm not sure if those are the glads or the crocosmia I planted in a wildflower meadow.... Hopefully they will still come up.

I just saw a large spotted kingsnake while I was weeding this week. They are black with yellow or cream speckles on the back, yellow or cream underneath. I was very glad to see it; I had killed a copperhead last year and am glad kingsnakes eat poisonous snakes as well as voles (and unfortunately, bluebirds...).

Our triangular lot borders 1/10 mile (528') of gorgeous oak-beech-hickory woods, so I guess I have to put up with the mole tunnels and voles eating things.

The cats bring their kill (and pieces of their kill) to our doorstep, and I see alot of dead voles , but there are plenty more where those came from.

I'd love more bluebirds and to put out feeders, but I'm afraid I'd be baiting the cats' hunting grounds. The birds are doing well anyway, we have LOTS of them in our neighborhood, thank goodness!

Anyway, I may have been feeding the voles expensive meals- sigh.


Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Hi Susan,
I love Crocosmia! Haven't ever had any, but once saw a georgeous patch of the red ones. My garden is mostly themed woodland wildflower . Slowly though I am adding some sun lovers and bulbs or corms. Things htat attract Hummingbirds (red) is what I am trying to get. there are many bird friendly berrying shrubs on my property.
I have nearly stopped putting bird seed out as there is a new neighbor whose cats stalk my yard. grrr
Have a lovely day,

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