Overwintering geraniums-newbie help!

Chippewa Lake, OH(Zone 5b)

I have a small gh, 5'x5' (green closet? :), and my friend just brought over 4 geranium plants, several 4 years old, she had been overwintering in an unheated part of her house. They were not cut back at all, and have a number of brown leaves, and small stems, leggy......Should I cut these back? I don't want to stimulate new growth if that would harm her plants. I am mostly overwintering fuschias, and using the gh for seedlings, which are a whole different type of plant........The gh temp stays right around 55.

I have no experience working with geraniums, and want to do the best for her plants......Any help MUCH appreciated!

Danville, IN

It's easy, easy, easy! Either leave them as they are, or better... cut them back to about 4" or so (trimming out all the weak stems and dead leaves), water just enough to keep the soil from getting bone dry. Now that the days area getting longer, they will start to send out new growth (pretty soon actually). When they do, water normally and include a diluted application of fertilizer every few weeks. By April, they will have gotten pretty large. I cut mine back to about 6" at that time, just before setting them out for the summer. Otherwise, the leaves will burn in the full summer sun.

Some people pull their geraniums, shake off most of the dirt, and put them in a paper bag all winter in a cool place. Then they pot them up in late spring, cut them back to 6", water and fertilize. Off they go.

They are incredibly tough.

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