List of Hybridizers

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Alphbatized with original post date and poster listed. Hopefull this will help avoid repeates.

Edited to add links. Again to correct incorrect links.

ADEN; lilsista59; 5-Jan-10
AGIN, LINDA; Lyle627; 1-Jan-10
ALEXANDER; hemlady; 8-Jan-10
ANDERSON; Joy; 20-Jan-10
APPS, DARRYL; hemlady; 1-Jan-10
ARNOLD, M; Joy; 20-Jan-10
ARNOLD-L.; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
BACH; Joy; 21-Jan-10
BACHMAN; gone_gardening; 8-Jan-10
BAKER; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BALASH-BAILEY; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BARNHART; Ditchlily206 3-Feb-10
BARTH; pastime; 7-Jan-10
BECHTOLD; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BELDEN; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
BELL, TIM; lincolnitess; 1-Jan-10
BENZ; nanny_56; 5-Jan-10
BENZINGER; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BIAGLOW, J; Ditchlily206; 3-Feb-10
BLAKELY, C; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BLANTON; Tree_Climber; 10-Jan-10
BOLIN; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BOUDREAUX, E; Joy; 20-Jan-10
BOYKIN; DitchLily206; 14-Jan-10
BROOKS, DONNA; pastime; 19-Jan-10
BROOKS; Hemental; 5-Jan-10
BROWN; Joy; 6-Jan-10
BRYANT, E; Ditchlily206; 3-Feb-10
BURKEY; hemlady; 4-Jan-10
BURRIS; hemlady; 6-Jan-10
CALHOUN; Ditchlily206; 3-Feb-10
CARPENTER, JACK; Rutens; 1-Jan-10
CARPENTER, K.; lincolnitess; 3-Jan-10
CARR, BOB; lincolnitess; 1-Jan-10
CHESNIK; Joy; 20-Jan-10
CHILDS; Joy; 2-Jan-10
CLAAR, E A; Joy; 21-Jan-10
COCHENOUR; gone_gardening; 7-Jan-10
COLLINS; Hemental; 8-Jan-10
CONNELL; hemlady; 9-Jan-10
COPENHAVER; Joy; 21-Jan-10
COUTURIER; Joy; 21-Jan-10
CRENSHAW; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
CRIBB; Ditchlily206; 3-Feb-10
CROCHET; pastime; 10-Jan-10
CRUSE; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
DARROW; Joy; 21-Jan-10
DAVIDSON; Joy; 21-Jan-10
DAVISSON, JUDY; Tree_Climber; 8-Jan-10
DEKERLEGAND; Joy; 21-Jan-10
DENNETT; Joy; 21-Jan-10
DICKERSON; hemlady; 8-Jan-10
DOORAKIAN; Joy; 4-Jan-10
DOUGHERTY, H.; pastime; 8-Jan-10
DOUGLAS, C; pastime ; 12-Jan-10
DUNCAN; Hemental; 9-Jan-10
DURIO; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
ELLIOTT; DitchLily206; 4-Feb-10
ELLISON, BOB; Seedsower; 9-Jan-10
FARRIS; Lincolnitess; 20-Jan-10
FAY; pastime; 10-Jan-10
FERGUSON; Hemental; 9-Jan-10
FERRIS; hemlady; 19-Jan-10
FLEISHEL; Joy; 20-Jan-10
GASKINS; Lyle627; 2-Jan-10
GATES-L; lilsista59; 4-Jan-10
GEORGE, JESSE; spunky1; 1-Jan-10
GOLDNER; hemlady; 9-Jan-10
GOSSARD; MLT; 2-Jan-10
GRACE, LARRY; Hemental; 2-Jan-10
GRACE-SMITH; Hemental; 2-Jan-10
GROOMS; lilsista59; 4-Jan-10
GROVATT; Joy; 20-Jan-10
GUIDRY; hemlady; 8-Jan-10
HAGER Joy; 20-Jan-10
HALL, D. F.; hemlady; 21-Jan-10
HALL, JAMES; spunky1; 9-Jan-10
HAMIL; Joy; 20-Jan-10
HANSEN, DAN; Rutens; 1-Jan-10
HANSEN, RA; Hemental; 5-Jan-10
HANSON, CURT; Hemental; 2-Jan-10
HARDING; hemlady; 5-Jan-10
HARDY; Joy; 6-Jan-10
HARRINGTON, hemlady; 4-Jan-10
HARRY, NICOLE; gardenglory; 12-Jan-10
HAYWARD; Ditchlily206; 4-Feb-10
HEEMSKERK; pastime; 8-Jan-10
HENDRICKS, W; pastime; 8-Jan-10
HENRY-P.; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
HITE; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
HOLMAN; Joy; 20-Jan-10
HUDSON, BETTY; pastime; 8-Jan-10
IVERSON; lilsista59; 4-Jan-10
JABLONSKI; pastime; 4-Jan-10
JAMES, L; DitchLily206; 5-Jan-10
JOINER; hemlady; 2-Jan-10
KAMENSKY; Tree_Climber; 10-Jan-10
KASKEL; Hemental; 8-Jan-10
KINNEBREW; hemlady; 1-Jan-10
KIRCHHOFF; Rutens; 1-Jan-10
KREKLER; Joy; 6-Jan-10
KROPF; Joy; 5-Jan-10
LACHMAN; pastime; 10-Jan-10
LAMBERT; hemlady; 6-Jan-10
LAMBERTSON; Hemental; 2-Jan-10
LANKART; Ditchlily206; 4-Feb-10
LEBEGUE; pastime; 7-Jan-10
LEFEVER, GW; Ditchlily206; 3-Feb-10
LENINGTON; hemlady; 5-Jan-10
LOVE; Joy; 18-Jan-10
MAHIEU, BRIAN; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
MANNING, FRED; Hemental; 31-Dec-09
MARSH; hemlady; 6-Jan-10
MARYOTT; Lyle627; 1-Jan-10
MASON, MELANIE; dmcdevitt; 16-Jan-10
MAUCK; gardenglory; 7-Jan-10
MAXWELL; Joy; 18-Jan-10
MCFARLAND; Joy; 18-Jan-10
MCRAE; Joy; 18-Jan-10
MEADOWS, M J; crazy4brugs; 18-Jan-10
MERCER; Joy; 18-Jan-10
MICHAELS, LINDA; Tree_Climber; 8-Jan-10
MILES, J.; pastime; 8-Jan-10
MILES; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
MILLER, MICHAEL; crazy4brugs; 7-Jan-10
MILLIKAN-SOULES; rebloomnut; 2-Jan-10
MITCHELL, KELLY; Lyle627; 2-Jan-10
MOLDOVAN; Rutens; 1-Jan-10
MORRISON; Joy; 18-Jan-10
MORSS; Lyle627; 2-Jan-10
MUNSON; hemlady; 2-Jan-10
MURPHY, JIM; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
NEAL; Hemental; 8-Jan-10
NORRIS; Hemental; 8-Jan-10
OAKES; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
OLSON-E.; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
OWEN, PAUL; jrwbirds; 2-Jan-10
PARRY; Joy; 20-Jan-10
PEAT; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
PECK; Joy; 5-Jan-10
PERKERSON; lincolnitess; 5-Jan-10
PETIT; Lyle627; 31-Dec-09
PHELPS; lilydaydreamer; 1-May-10
PIERCE, C.; Hemental; 5-Jan-10
POWELL; hemlady; 16-Jan-10
PRIDE; pastime; 7-Jan-10
PRYOR, J; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
QUARRY; lincolnitess; 21-Jan-10
RASMUSSEN; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
RECKAMP/KLEMN; hemlady; 4-Jan-10
REED; hemlady; 2-Jan-10
REILLY, PHIL; shive; 7-Jan-10
REINKE; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
RICE; hemlady; 1-Jan-10
ROBERSON; Joy; 5-Jan-10
ROBERTS, NED; lincolnitess; 3-Jan-10
ROBERTS, P; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
ROBERTS, S; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
ROGERS, C; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
ROSE; pastime; 8-Jan-10
ROYCROFT, B; DitchLily206; 2-Feb-10
RUDOLPH; pastime; 8-Jan-10
RUSHING; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
RUSSELL; Joy; 17-Jan-10
SALTER, E. H; pastime; 8-Jan-10
SALTER, J; Lyle627; 31-Dec-09
SANT LUCIA; mattsmom; 9-Jan-10
SASS; Joy; 17-Jan-10
SCHABEN; hemlady; 6-Jan-10
SCHLUMPF; Joy; 17-Jan-10
SCHWARZ, B.; Hemental; 9-Jan-10
SCOTT, E.; pastime; 4-Jan-10
SELLERS; pastime; 8- Jan-10
SELMAN; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
SHOOTER; hemlady; 2-Jan-10
SIKES; Joy; 5-Jan-10
SIMPSON-D; lilsista59; 4-Jan-10
SLAUGHTER; Joy; 17-Jan-10
SMITH, W. H.; granny; 8-Jan-10
SOULES; Joy; 17-Jan-10
SPALDING; hemlady; 8-Jan-10
STAMILE, GRACE; pastime; 10-Jan-10
STAMILE, PAT; Hemental; 31-Dec-09
STARR; Joy; 17-Jan-10
STEVENS; Joy; 17-Jan-10
STOUT, ARLOW; lincolnitess; 4-Jan-10
SWANSON; Hemental; 12-Jan-10
TALBOTT, DAVE; grannyh; 4-Jan-10
TARRANT; Joy; 17-Jan-10
TAYLOR; Joy; 17-Jan-10
TEMPLE; spunky1; 6-Jan-10
TEMPLE; hemlady; 4-Jan-10
TOLL; Joy; 17-Jan-10
TOWNSEND; Hemental; 31-Dec-09
TRIMMER; hemlady; 1-Jan-10
TYRRELL; Joy; 6-Jan-10
VIETTE; Joy; 17-Jan-10
WALL; Joy; 17-Jan-10
WARNER; pastime; 12-Jan-10
WARRELL; hemlady; 5-Jan-10
WEBSTER; Hemental; 2-Jan-10
WEBSTER; pastime; 5-Jan-10
WEDGEWORTH; pastime; 5-Jan-10
WESTBOURNE; crazy4brugs; 1-Jan-10
WESTON, J; Hemental; 9-Jan-10
WHATLEY; hemlady; 9-Jan-10
WHITACRE; hemlady; 8-Jan-10
WILD CULTIVERS; lincolnitess; 30-Dec-09
WILLIAMSON; pastime; 10-Jan-10
WILSON, TOM; Hemental; 2-Jan-10
YANCEY; Joy; 6-Jan-10
YOST; shive; 7-Jan-10
ZAHLER; Joy ; 18-Jan-10

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Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

added new names to above post

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Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)

Nice job Ditch
Will surely come in handy to prevent duplication as we now have close to 7 pages of hybridizers.

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Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

Very good idea Ditch. Now instead of searching through the pages, we can just come here to make sure we're not repeating anything.

Thank you.

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Amazing. Great job.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

All 1/7 added.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Edit :Decided to only have the one list at start of post, too confusing otherwise.

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Waterman, IL(Zone 5a)

You're a saint for doing this! I was really getting tired of flipping through pages to make sure I didn't duplicate. I ended up duplicating anyway. I'm going to go wash dishes now. It doesn't require reading or thinking.


Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Put at top again.

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Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

Wow! Awesome job. Thank you for making this so much easier for all of us.

Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)

This should be shown at top as a sticky as many more will most likely be added during bloom season.
Thanks for the great job

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Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Added new 1/9

Waterman, IL(Zone 5a)


Brown City, MI(Zone 5a)

The link to Dan Bachman's thread is wrong .... it takes you to "Rudolph"

It's great having this list, sure makes it easier to add photos.

Brown City, MI(Zone 5a)

This is great ... found a couple links that don't go to the right place :


thanks for doing this.

Cut Bank, MT(Zone 3a)

Ditch this is an amazing site,. I agree with Hemental it should be up with the Sticky thread. I have already looked at numerous ones for info and found it. Thanks for all your tome and hard work.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

First: Thanks for the complements. A list was something that I wanted, but also figured everyone else would like as well. I added the links because, while knowing which hybridizers had already been posted helped prevent duplicates, it was still a pain to FIND each thread once there were so many of them. :-)

Second: The two incorrect links Tree_Climber noted have been corrected. Please do not hesitate to let me know where else I might have goofed. There were a lot of them and I confess that I have not checked them all.

I will continue to update as long as people add more hybridizers. It makes the most sense to me to just edit the original list (I have a master sheet on my computer) instead of making a new one each time new threads are posted. Please let me know if you guys want it different.



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Waterman, IL(Zone 5a)

Your list has been a big help.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

:( My links are not going anywhere!

Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

Yes....editing your original list is the best. Thanks for your work on this project.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)


Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)


Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)


Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

OMG, that's quite a list :)

(dana)Owensboro, KY(Zone 6a)

this needs to be a sticky . such a great tool. pf has so many dl and many wo pics . besides its neat to see their portfolios all in one place

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Maybe we should ask the admin to post it as a Sticky.

San Rafael, CA(Zone 9a)

Hi, I absolutely agree that this thread is a fantastic resource - which I would have *loved* seeing when I first joined DG - that needs to become a "Sticky" at some point. I think that the question may be: when? Once it's an offical "Sticky", then Laura - who's been good enough to create, control and update it - will no longer be able to do so. Laura, I personally think it's your call! Bless you for the work involved! And thanks :)) Elizabete

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Thanks for all the good words everyone. I have enjoyed the results along with all of you.

Well, I certainly would not mind this becoming a Sticky, but it is up to the Administration. Now, I could be wrong, but I think that if just the link to this thread is added to a sticky, the original post can still be edited by me. I know that I have seen recent posts added to other Sticky threads like that and I have even replied to one of those myself. I checked and I can edit that post, so I suspect I could still update this one. The question would be how often it was updated by me.

I do know that they do not like to make stickys of lists from outside Dave's as they have no control of those links and how they are maintained, unlike links to threads on Dave's like this one (hope that made sense).


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Schroon Lake, NY(Zone 4a)

Great job!!!

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I'm adding Farris.

Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

I added


Can't believe how many I have just one each for.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)


Dayton, KY(Zone 6a)

I started a thread for Herbie Phelps if you can add it please

Thanks, Lisa

westerville, OH(Zone 5b)

This is a story about my meeting Mr. Moldovan. A friend and I went to his place in Avon, Ohio - just west of Cleveland quite a few years ago. While there, Mr. Modovan show us m-a-n-y of his newest creations - most were not going to go further than his "back yard", but I spotted a fabulous pink lily and asked about it. He smiled and said the perennial people had been there earlier, and they liked it, too. However, it was not one of his favorites because at this time he was determined to get a silver, ruffled edge on the lilies. We bought some lilies and then he gave me a piece of the pink lily. It was not named and he said I could have, and I could call it anything - just not Steve"s Choice. He was saving that name for a future lily. So happily growing and thriving in my garden is "Not Steve's Choice" as I call it, and I always remember Mr. Moldovan, his lily garden, passion, and warmth. ;0)

Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

What a nice story. And a nice name for that daylily too. :-)

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Ohhh, that is a nice story. I think true gardeners are the nicest folks :)

Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

I enjoyed the story very much. That would be one special daylily.

Abbeville, LA

My first daylily person that I met was a Mr McPherson here in Abbeville Louisiana. He had been an active camelia hybridizer but realized that as he aged it took too long to see his results --so thus he went to daylilys. I might
mention he developed Agnes Godchaux Camelia which is still known and that was many many years ago. A woman from Alexandria was offering "MRMAC" $100 dollars for THE TWENTY THIRD PSALM but he refused her as he was going to use it as a parent.(Just a sideline note)

Bad Axe, Mich., FL(Zone 5a)

ditchlily, I would like to add TRIMMER, JANE

Baltimore, OH(Zone 6a)

Please add Pete Mondron,

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