So nice to have hippeastrum in bloom again

Waxhaw (Charlotte), NC(Zone 7b)

Does it get any better?

(I am a bit nervous for my two bulbs planted outdoors last fall. We are having temperatures in the teens this week)

Thumbnail by kdjoergensen
Ladson, SC

Do yoou have any mulch over them?

Waxhaw (Charlotte), NC(Zone 7b)

The bed is mulched with a few inches of pine straw (needles), but I also put half a bale of left over pine straw over each area in the hopes that it would matter.

Ladson, SC

You could call NC State Extension Service ask them insist they find out for you from the NC State Hort. dept.
I also would look at them aqnd if the neck is soft, I would tr y cutting that part off.

Also you can probably call John Scheeper at 860-567-0838 or

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