Cash for Auto Clunkers, Deal or Ripoff?

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

Pls tell us how you fared if you took advantage of this incentive program. I talked to a guy recently that told me he didn't feel a winner after this one. He ended up spending $5K more than originally budgeted for a plain, non-tricked out truck. Why: he claims that auto dealers jacked up prices, believing it would go unnnoticed b/c of the rebate.

Are you happy or unhappy with your decision to participate in this program? Thanks for your input.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

I found this link w/ many opinions on the subject.

Poster named Old Guy Ben says it best: If clunker is worth less than rebate, consumer likely comes ahead. If your clunker is worth more than the rebate, then not a win deal for the consumer. Many speculated that dealers did indeed raise prices b/c of rebate. Hmmmm.

We didn't take advantage of cash for auto clunkers, but we are keeping up w/ cash for appliance clunkers. I'd think the same principles and strategies apply. I'm reading that ovens do not qualify, but I'm not sure if that is final. It is looking like heating & AC trades might be the best, again, provided your system is worth less than whatever rebate. I think whatever appliance you are considering has to be EnergyStar rated, which is a good deal in terms of energy consumption over the long term.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

There you are... back to talking appliances! LOL

If you purchase a/c or heating units, check into possible income tax breaks for energy efficiency savings also.

Kept my old cash for clunkers ride so will keep those opinions in my pocket.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

hiya pod.

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