sad, sad news

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

Thompson and Morgan is closing down Oooh that really hurts.

Melbourne, FL

It looks like is closed down, not Thompson and Morgan.

Lindenhurst, NY

Yes Gloria, i read this somewhere yesterday (gardenpom, if i'm reading it right, i think she is saying that T&M is closing down Valueseed (one bought out the other)'.

Melbourne, FL

Oh, OK, did not know that, thanks. I always affiliated valueseed with Parks...or they have something very similar.

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

I guess I said it bass akwards. Value seeds was where T&M dumped the seeds that hadn't sold.
Value seeds is just a division of T&M. They included extra seeds because the seeds were older.
But the seeds were of so many of the great $$$ variety. Now, they will try to sell them as
"Specials" at a much higher price. The good things never last long!

Orrville, OH(Zone 5b)

T&M has been bought out by Gardens Alive. Value seeds was a division on T&M.

Fort Collins, CO

How sad! I will miss!!

Melbourne, FL

I'm amazed at how expensive some seeds are with some companies. I recently got a catalog from Select Seeds, and theirs are reasonably priced, most are $2.79. Shipping and handling for seeds is $3.99 for up to $100 of seeds. Anybody have any experience with this company?

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

I think they have good ratings on Garden Watchdog. The catalog is gorgeous. If you are looking for a deal on seeds, try They have them for .69, .79, etc. They are a very old company. If you are looking for new varieties, they don't have them. Their shipping rates are cheap too. Pinetree Seeds is relatively inexpensive as well. Another that I can't recall has most seeds at $1.

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Melbourne, FL

I will certainly check them out, thanks.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

the link is there isn't an s at the end.


Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

Thanks, meadowyck. The also give far more seeds than most seed companies.

Orangeburg, SC

I just checked them out and can't believe the prices. Thanks for the link.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

For a generous amount of seed at a low price, I always use D.V. Burrell in Rocky Ford, Co - even when I wasn't living in Colorado. Downside: They aren't set up to do online ordering, and there paper catalog has been one of the last ones to arrive the last two years. However, they are the quickest to ship - their order always arrives first.
As opposed to Thompson & Morgan, which is the first catalog to arrive but the last to order to arrive. Thompson and Morgan does still have the "Last Chance Sale" on pages 96-97 of the 2010 catalog.

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

I am giving a talk on starting plants from seeds; I have found a couple more
companies which have relaltively low has
a very generous amount of seeds at $1.50 a pack. Seed Savers' exchange
has organic seeds for $2.75 a pack, le jardin du gormet ( has a wonderful deal for people who only want a few of any type of veggies or flowers (small pack $.35 with under ten seeds
usually. The large pack is $.65 and gives a decent number of seeds. However, they have a lot of varieties of heirloom and old fashioned tomatoes. You could get four or five kinds for less that $2.00. They also have several kinds of lavender and many kinds of basil so you could get several kinds for the same price. Ebay vendors often send very, very few seeds in their packets. So if you spent $10.00 on le jardin, you would/could have a good size number of herbs and vegetables AND flowers as well. The flower selection is not large. It's fun to order from them.

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

this was a duplicate posting

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Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)


thanks for the links to those sites, I especially love the .35 packs... I've order a bunch of them.


Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I just went to valueseeds last night and saw the bad news. I've had great luck with my purchases from there and I did follow the redirect to the sale items on the T&M site and the .99 cent pricing is gone, most things are $1.99 and I'd be willing to bet that the $1.99 shipping on any size order is no longer available either.

Thanks to everyone who posted the other links above--nice snowy day for online seed shopping for me today:lol:

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