Aspect Ratio Help?

Scotts Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Hello. ^_^ Does anyone know how to reset the aspect ratio on my computer? Itís an HP laptop PC with Windows Vista. Itís happened before, but I can never remember how to fix it, and DH is at CES, so no help there.

If youíre wondering what I mean by aspect ratio, everything on my screen is now stretched out to the sides, and squished down from the top, distorting everything on my screen.

I used the computer this afternoon, during which I did download a Windows Defender update, then put the computer to sleep while I ran errands. Then when I opened it up tonight to use, the screen reset all of a sudden to the distorted view Ė itís most annoying.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. ^_^


Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

Right-click a blank area of the Desktop, and select Properties, then the Settings tab.

(Not positive on Vista, but that worked on all other Windows)


Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

Interesting problem. Are you sure you can change the 'aspect ratio' instead
of 'screen resolution'. Look at 'personalize/screen resolution' and see if the
setting is unusual.

Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

Tried to set up a link that didn't work.

Google 'how to change aspect ratio in vista' and take a look at the
first two sites. Apparently, you can change the aspect ratio from
4:3 to 16:9 or back. May be the info you need.

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Scotts Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Wow . . . Eggs_Zachtly, it immediately reset itself as soon as I right-clicked. I didnít have to do anything else. Iím so thrilled, I canít even tell you. Thank you so much.

Oldgardenrose, thank you too for responding. Iím making a copy of this thread to save for future reference in case this happens again.

You people are the beesí knees. ^_^


ETA: We cross-posted, Oldgardenrose, but thank you again for your effort to help me. Itís most appreciated. ^_^

Have a great day!

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Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

I have not seen a laptop since retiring last year. My pc is a Dell standard with an add-on ATI
graphics card capable of 1080p HD connected to a HD tv used jointly as a monitor and have
never found a way to change the aspect ratio except by resolution. Learn something every

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