tTropical wildflower/weed ID please?

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

I posted this photo over in the coleus forum, and now they want it. Name please? Yes, I know it's a tropical weed, but maybe it'll behave as an annual...

Thumbnail by Molamola
Gainesville, FL

Looks like Thunbergia, T. grandiflora maybe? Is it a vine or shrub?

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I second that. Pretty.

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

It's a small plant, an annual in the States, it would be. The stems are straight and have nodes that easily sprout roots. If it's near something like a bush or chain link fence, it climbs, but has no tendrils. Can stand dry conditions.

I have heard that it's a pest in Hawaii.

But I like having some because the butterflies and bees are on it constantly. I guess it really has a lot of nectar. I put a Desert Rose right in with it, but the bees ignored the DR, boo.

Keaau, HI

The leaves aren't right for Thunbergia grandiflora.

Maybe Thunbergia laurifolia, Laurel Leaved Trumpet Vine.

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

Metro, a weed in Hawaii? not a vine here,,, but a vine has tendrils???

metro, I know you have real name, and I am embaresed..... odear...

Inland S.E QLD , Australia

Just browsing through and came across your pic Molamola. Heres your plant.

Keaau, HI

Thunbergia laurifolia is similar to T. grandiflora but the leaves have no teeth.

It is a liana, but has no tendrils. Does your plant climb up over things.

It is a weed in Hawai'i, but not as invasive as T. grandiflora, yet!

Aloha, Dave

Keaau, HI

Can you show more photos of your plant?

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

OK, tomorrow! Big Photo excursion! ...actually, thanks for asking, Dave

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