Released this javelina

Edinburg, TX

Was out at the ranch today puttering around the back acreage in the trusty old golfcart (it's quiet and I can sneak up on deer and sometimes other wildlife) and found a javelina in the hog trap. (We have a big problem with feral hogs and put out traps to trim down the population - the feral hogs make real good eatin' too!!!).

Anyway, didn't want to kill this critter as there is a pair of javelina that show up on the game cameras with two wee babes in tow.

I was determined to turn it loose - but let me tell you it was a harrowing experience!!!

I first tried to climb up the side of the cage to get on top to reach the cage door cable (don't even try to imagine a 50 year old woman trying to climb a wire cage) but the dratted thing kept gnashing it's teeth and trying to bite the toes of my boots. It finally backed up into one corner so I quickly climbed up on top of the cage but then it tried to get up on it's hind feet to reach/bite me through the top of the cage. Not a good idea!

I didn't want to stress this guy out so I called up Dad on the cell phone (back at the ranch house) and he brought the truck and backed it up beside the cage.

We then both got up on the bed of the truck and while Dad who is 80 years old) pulled the cage door cable to hold the door open I poked at the javelina with the handle of a shovel I found in the back of the truck.

Talk about getting freaked out! Me, not the javelina! It literally bit down on the handle every time I tried to get it to move forward! YIKES!!! This guy was gnashing? chomping? don't know what to call it but it would quicky clack it's jaws together making those big ol' teeth rattle! I'd sure hate to get bit by those big tusks!!!

Anyway after about three minutes of yelling and waving the handle around it finally saw the open cage door and hauled out like it's butt was on fire!!!


~ Cat

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Edinburg, TX

Also found a doe in another wildhog trap. This one hunkered down in one corner when I drove up in the golfcart and I was able to pull up the door panel and step back. She wasn't too scared - she lifted her head up and gently started poking her nose around the cage panels until she realized their was a wide open space where the door panel used to be. She gingerly stepped out, looked over at me and took off leaping through the brush.

Am glad she wasn't injured or stressed out by shock. I'd like to think they know we won't hurt them. We throw down corn and keep the game feeders stocked. We also have several game cameras set up just to see what's out at the ranch and keep track of the deer that hang around.

~ Cat

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Sandusky, OH

Quote from TexasPuddyPrint :
(We have a big problem with feral hogs and put out traps to trim down the population - the feral hogs make real good eatin' too!!!).

Don't have the hog problem up here but I guarantee we would be dining on feral hog for Shoot, I can smell the bacon already. ;)


Edinburg, TX

Some of the feral hogs. Baby back yummy!

~ Cat

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Edinburg, TX

More of the same. Seems they are getting smart or very lucky...they've not been going into the hog traps lately. Am thinking because the surrounding ranches have so much corn set out for hunting season they've no need to venture into a trap.

~ Cat

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Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Great pictures. I could feel the excitement.

We have some hogs near us. None seen on our property yet.

I am glad not to encounter one in the woods. But, I agree with Burd, sure would be some good eatin' !

I am surprised that doe did not hurt herself in that trap. That was great that she could be released unharmed.

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