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Left over mashed potatoes - what to do?

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

I wound up with about 3 cups of mashed potatoes left over from dinner tonight, and I'm wondering what to do with them.

Is it possible to freeze them? If I add extra milk when I reheat? It would be just about enough for another meal if this works.

Any other ideas?


Southeast, NE(Zone 5a)

When my boys were little, I'd patty leftover mashed potatoes like hamburgers and fry in a little butter until browned and warmed through. Not healthy at all, but the little ones loved them and they're healthy young men. :-)

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

u can make potato bread

u have choices on left over MP on this link

u can also make soup

Eaton, IN

tucsonjill, I have frozen mashed potatoes before and they work out fine for a quickie.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

My daughter-in-law just served this for our dinner the other night - YUM!!!

Easy Shepherd's Pie Recipe


1 1/2 lbs ground round beef
1 onion chopped
1-2 cups vegetables - chopped carrots, corn, peas
1 1/2 - 2 lbs potatoes (3 big ones)
8 tablespoons butter (1 stick)
1/2 cup beef broth
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Salt, pepper, other seasonings of choice


1 Peel and quarter potatoes, boil in salted water until tender (about 20 minutes).

2 While the potatoes are cooking, melt 4 Tablespoons butter (1/2 a stick) in large frying pan.

3 Sauté onions in butter until tender over medium heat (10 mins). If you are adding vegetables, add them according to cooking time. Put any carrots in with the onions. Add corn or peas either at the end of the cooking of the onions, or after the meat has initially cooked.

4 Add ground beef and sauté until no longer pink. Add salt and pepper. Add worcesterchire sauce. Add half a cup of beef broth and cook, uncovered, over low heat for 10 minutes, adding more beef broth as necessary to keep moist.

5 Mash potatoes in bowl with remainder of butter, season to taste.

6 Place beef and onions in baking dish. Distribute mashed potatoes on top. Rough up with a fork so that there are peaks that will brown nicely. You can use the fork to make some designs in the potatoes as well.

7 Cook in 400 degree oven until bubbling and brown (about 30 minutes). Broil for last few minutes if necessary to brown.

Serves four.

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

I do something similar to McGlory.... I add a beaten egg, some flour about a heaping tablespoon, and some baking powder. Drop in a pan with hot vegatable oil something like a heaping tablespoon, and turn over and fry on the other side when the first side has a golden brown crust.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

Ooooh--some great ideas! I had forgotten all about mashed potato patties--my mom used t make those when I was a kid. Yummy! A shepherd's pie would also be great, and it's good to know they freeze OK too.

Thanks, everyone!

London, United Kingdom

We make Bubble and Squeak in the UK out of left over mashed potato's and vegetables, especially cabbage!
You simply mix any left over cabbage, carrots and mashed potato with a good sprinkle of black pepper, and then add some batter in a frying pan.
Once hot add the potato mixture and flatten down with a frying slice, as it cooks the potato will bubble and the cabbage will squeak, hence its name.
As it browns on the bottom keep turning it over and back into itself, the browned bits must go back inside, they are what give its unique flavour.
Once it is has lots of brown bits put back in, allow to brown and serve with fried sausages, bacon, Black pudding, tomato's, mushrooms, fried slice of bread, baked beans and two fried eggs.
And of course a mug of tea and two slices of buttered bread to dip in your eggs.
A real breakfast.

Minneapolis, MN(Zone 5a)

Hi Neil,
I think some cultural differences and distance is coming into play here. What is a frying slice? Also, what is the batter made of? It sounds good, but I am not familiar with some of the terms you have used.

London, United Kingdom

Sorry i meant Butter not batter! I do not know what the Americans call them, so I have just taken a picture of one, then you can tell me!
Thanks a lot.

Thumbnail by NEILMUIR1
Minneapolis, MN(Zone 5a)


Well, to me, the item in the photo is a spatula. Is this item commonly known as a frying slice throughout the UK? Is there any other name for it?

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

i call that a turner it comes in different forms too.

London, United Kingdom

Dear Mike some people call them spatulas, other people call them a frying slice, it depends which part of the UK you come from.
Well at least you now know what I mean, and I will call them spatulas when putting things on DG!
Thank You.

Minneapolis, MN(Zone 5a)

Hi Neil,
Thanks for the info. I learned something new today! No need to change what you call the item. Now that I know, I'll know what you're talking about.

Thanks, MVR; I've learned 2 things today!

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

my pleasure Mike. i know the name in Filipino language but not English. i had to look them up to post the link. we all learned something today :D. one thing for sure, i learned a lot today!!! thanks Neil!

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

I ended up with a great shepherd's pie--never would have thought of it without this thread! Thanks for all the great ideas, and my new "British word of the day!" :)

Plano, TX

i also like mashed potatoes with cabbage (and carrots if i have them)-i do it more the irish style--sort of mixed together --so good!

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

Fish cakes. It can be left over fillets. You break them up into small flakes. Add 1 or 2 eggs, finely chopped onion, celery and pepper. Salt and pepper. Mix it all up with the mashed potatoes, shape into patties, coat with flour or even bread crumbs if you want to look fancy and fry. This is a great way to stretch a small amount of expensive fish.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5a)

MMMMMMM! Sounds wonderful!

Brooklyn, NY

i make manhattans with the left overs patatoes in the middle of the plate two slices of bread cut into triangles to suround the pataoes top with gravy even tast good to top with turkey or salsbury stk

Nurmo, Finland(Zone 4b)

Neil, my Mum always called it a fish slice. Did you know Northampton is now the biggest town in England? (and that's not an April Fool)


(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN(Zone 7a)

When my kids were growing up a spatula was an egg turner in my house in rural Tenn.!

Nurmo, Finland(Zone 4b)

I've just discovered that St. Delia of Norwich calls it a fish slice, so my Mum wasn't alone. A spatula is a palette knife.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Then there are 'rubber spatulas' which you use to scrape batter out of a bowl. I'm just chuckling over having a picture of a spatula/ turner/slice featured on an international website!!

I read a similar shepards pie with canned cream soup to moisten the filling; maybe leftover gravy would work or could be worked with. For potato pancakes/ patties, I'd go with ladygardeners added egg- my mother did them straight and they were dry. I didn't like them.

But I did use them as sort of a soup base, added cream cheese or half and half, and some sorrel, or maybe I had a bit of leftover chicken gravy too. I'm not so sure but when you think, you could probably turn almost anything into a cream soup.

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