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Cyphostemma juttae

(Zone 6a)

This is a fairly common caudiciform plant, Cyphostemma juttae. It makes a nice fat base, and gets green leaves in summer, then goes dormant for winter.

I don't remember where I got this one, either, unfortunately. This one died shortly after we moved to TN. It started to grow a little arm out of the side of it, and I think I got excited and overwatered it. Had it in quite a lot of shade, too, which probably didn't help.

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Thumbnail by lakesidecallas
(Zone 6a)

Forgot to mention the great planting job in the last photo. I can never get my plants directly in the middle of the pot, but that plant was extra- bad!
I also forgot to mention that one of my plants did flower, except I missed it- I did see a little red berry on one of the plants, but when I went to pick it, it was gone- some animal or bird had gotten it, or it fell off somewhere.

I still have these two plants.

The plants have a very small root system, and the caudex part gets very heavy. They often topple out of their pots. You can see one is in 2 pots so it stays stabilized. This is an old photo, the plants are still in clay pots but I have to lean them against something so they don't tip over or fall out of their pots.

I've seen photos of these as small trees, I think I'll plant one of mine in a larger pot with better soil and see what it does.

Thumbnail by lakesidecallas
Decatur, GA

I have a little bitty one. It started to develop a rotten spot. I scraped all the rot out and let it dry out of soil. Surprise surprise it survived. You can see the scar. It hasn't grown much in the past year since I rescued it but maybe it would do better in a bigger pot and more regular water in the summer.

Thumbnail by helenchild
(Zone 6a)

It has an interesting bonsai look to it now.

Yes, I think there must be a trick to growing these successfully.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

Im enchanted with picture #1s next door neighbor
euphorbia perhaps?
beautiful ;)

(Zone 6a)


Oops, mistook send for "browse for photo"

The plant to the left? It's a Bursera microphylla. I don't have a photo of it that I can find, will try to take one... it's very hard to get a photo of it because it's tall and skinny. A wonderful plant, one of our favorites. I let my husband enter it in the local flower show and it won second place in foliage plants.
It gets tiny little leaves.

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Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

I love the contests so many awesome plants show up.

(Zone 6a)

I wasn't expecting much for our local flower show, we live in a very small town!

But, someone brought in an enormous, I mean ENORMOUs! Stapelia gigantea that was in bloom, it won first prize. I was admiring it and trying to get some photos when the lady was taking it home- some pieces fell off and I thought she'd offer them to me, but no, sniff shiff!

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

I have tons of it
Would you like to trade?
PM me if so ;)

Bradenton, FL(Zone 9a)

I pick-up Cyphostemma juttae with red leaves in Az last summer, but it didn't last long.

Thumbnail by turtlewalker342
(Zone 6a)

I would, Malestrom, but most of my plants are the only ones I have, so not much to trade! Hopefully I'll continue to build up my C&S collection and have more to trade soon.

Turtlewalker, that is an odd looking plant! It almost looks like it was grafted onto an Adenium!

Copenhagen, Denmark(Zone 7b)


Nice plant!

The flowers of C. juttae are inconspicuous and definitely not red. They are green. But the berries are red.



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(Zone 6a)

Oh dear! What am I thinking of that had red flowers? I'm sorry for the misinformation!
Thanks Martin.

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