books on germinating and/or pollinating

Mount Vernon, OH

anyone know of any good books on germinating and/or pollinating? There are alot and so I was wondering what everyone would recommend. Thanks!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I recommend this kit which includes the best How-To DVD, in addition a great book.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

You will probably need two books - germination and pollination aren't usually covered well in the same book.
What do you want to know about pollination?

Mount Vernon, OH

I guess on how to self pollinate. I have some passion flowers and hopefully bat flowers that I would like to self pollinate in order to get seeds.
any help would be appreciated

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Well, hand pollination is fairly straight forward. You have to brush the complex center part of the flower against the center of another flower. If you are really good, you brush the male part with pollen against the female part (usually a larger structure in the exact center). You should be able to use the pollen from one flower to pollinate several others, you could use a fine soft brush to transfer the pollen more exactly.

Some plants will not self-pollinate, and must have a 2nd plant for pollination - Passion flower doesn't seem to be one of these. Some plant are poor self-pollinators, and do better with the pollen from another plant. Passion flower seems to fall into this second group.

I found a great photo on the internet (I did an image search for "passiflora pollen flower"):

So, get the pollen from the anther to the top of the style - on a different flower would be better, & on a different plant would be best. Don't use an old wilting flower, the pollen might not be viable anymore. Also, One book I checked had a caution that unripe fruit and leaves are poisonous.

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