Paper towels & tpaper better buy?

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

OK. I use too many paper towels, but I have been using more washcloths in their place and tossing them in to wash with socks and such. But still. Is there anyplace anyone has compared them to find the best buy? they are all different sizes and number of sheets and layers. I try and find the heavest package that is a reasonable price. How do you pick them?

Now T-paper...they have recently dowsized the width by about and 1" on some brands...which is good for conservation, but I don't see the prices any less. This too comes in a multitude of sized number and sizes of sheets on a roll and thickness, etc. So same question with this as with the towels...

Vent and voice!

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I am not (yet) ready to compromise on either, since life (IMHO) is too short to use bad toilet paper, and I find the better quality paper towel (which I use sparingly) lasts much longer. But I do buy in bulk at Costco.

Huffman, TX(Zone 9a)

We buy auto towels (white terry cloth) at Sams club theres 48 in a package for about 14 bucks they are about 14" x 16". We use them in place of paper towels, You can use them over and over. When they get old I use them outside over and over untill they are no good any more. We still use paper towel but no where near as many.
T.P. there just ain't no substitute for good strong absorbant soft T.P. I am not ready to go back to a corn cob or Sears catalog.

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I agree on using dishcloths (or similar) again and again. I have some of the microfiber ones by the sink all the time and use that most often. Paper towels only get used for nasty stuff....

Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

Isn't is funny how things run in cycles? When we first married I was disgusted by DH using cloth handkerchiefs and managed to "paper train" him over the years. Now I am trying to get him to use cloth table napkins more often instead of so many paper ones. I think the best solution is to use paper for only the grossest messes and throw handkerchiefs, dishcloths, napkins, and towels that have only minimal soiling into the laundry.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Same here... I use cotton hand towels rather than paper towels. Microfiber is great and I keep quite a few of them for different clean up uses and throw them in the laundry. Paper towels are used only for the nasties here. OTOH, I am not ready to go back to handkerchiefs so you may as well buy stock in the tissue companies. LOL

T-paper...they have recently downsized the width
Odd, I had noticed that without noticing that. It hadn't occured to me what was going on. Rather like the smaller pound cans of coffee! Grrrr!

Altus, OK(Zone 7a)

I've gravitated toward AngelSoft for the toiliet paper. Use to be a dedicated Charmin user but finally realized that as long as the paper does the job and doesn't resemble the feel of sandpaper then it didn't really matter what brand I used.

LOL. I stopped buying paper towels quite awhile ago. I have cotton hand towels for the kitchen and they work fine for me. Well... apparently I threw the Pampered Chef consulant for a MAJOR loop when she came to put on a party and she realized that I had NO PAPER TOWELS AT ALL. Like, OMG, maybe she needs to add that to her briefing on stuff she wants the hostess to provide. It was like she went into TILT mode. She pulled herself together and managed to proceed. I think I must of ran to the nearest store and bought her some because she was slinging papertowels left and right throughout the demostration. She got them from somewhere so I must of made a mad dash for some. LOL. I just have a hard time believing I was the FIRST home she had been to that was papertowel free.

Oh, and I did end up stocking a few rolls of papertowels later for wrapping the roots of plants for shipment. Now THAT is a justifyable reason for the papertowels. I just can't see spending the money to wipe my wet hands on one and throw it away.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Good justification! I do keep a roll in our ride as it is handy for checking oil or other fluids and then tossing it but that is limited use.

Altus, OK(Zone 7a)

podster - That is a good use for a paper towel. I usually just grab whatever piece of paper (newspaper is perfect) to wipe the dip stick. But then, I have a little putt putt car and I have had to rethink my way of stashing stuff in the trunk. Use to keep a crate with all kinds of goodies for an emergency. No room now except for the essentials.

I WILL go back to stashing a blanket or something, though. Recently I came upon an accident that had JUST happened. One of the young women that had been rear ended FREAKED and jumped out of the car and apparently went into shock after only taking a few steps. She was laying on the COLD road in like an almost catatonic state. Really weird situation. We piled our coats on her while waiting for the responders. It was COLD. I don't think she was hurt, she was just the worst of the four as far as how she reacted to the accident...

Yep, I need one of those space age silver looking blankets that fold away to practically nothing. I can stash that in my putt putt mobile...

Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

Unless there are sales or coupons on national brands, the store brand or generic paper towels or tp may be the better buy. Of course you should try them to see if they meet your needs--no sandpaper, etc. Some toilet paper rolls are wound more loosely too, so you get fewer square inches on rolls that seem as large as before.

One way to involve school age children in learning to live frugally is to have them help you by making comparisons among brands in the stores or between different stores for the same products. Make a chart of frequently purchased items, with columns for the comparisons. The kids can find the information to fill in the chart when they help you shop. Older kids can do the math to help find the lowest unit cost.

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Thats a great idea on two levels. One is the kids are learning valuable info and the Second...a lot of stores don't want you writing things down and price comparing...where they wouldn't say anything that looked like a homework assignment.

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