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Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

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Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Oh look it works!!

Dellroy, OH(Zone 6b)

Yay I found it!
Now gonna go check on that lasagna bed thing again...that is how I found you all in the first place....Sure glad I did.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Wonderful !!! Here we go!!
Let's Grow!!!!!

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Nice new home! Pretty pic! Warm today. I'm gonna soak up some more sun while I can.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

...and she got the date right! Glad you're still with us Robin - lol...

I noticed that!!! :)

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Yeah for good dates new homes and colors what color are we on?

Sea Oats. Need browns and pinks and greys LOL

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

ghostplant grey

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Oh yeah Ghostplant grey and sea oats brown !!
I was working on Compost something....

Lion's tail. Need oranges too. :) Lamb's ears is that a grey?

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Lambs ear sound grey!!

Sundance, WY(Zone 3b)

Maybe grey, probably depends on what breed of sheep! LOL

LOL. Ok. How about Silver Falls? Dichondra something or other.

Dellroy, OH(Zone 6b)

Senecio cineraria or Dusty that gray or silver?

Let's say Dusty Miller gray. That way we know what color gray it is.
How about Emerald Falls, same plant as silver falls only green.
More Coffee! Good Morning. Back Later

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Good Morning.
Silver Mound Artesima

Enid, OK

Good morning all - yippee, a day off! well sorta anyway, at least I don't have to drive today!! I am off until Wednesday, the guys are going to Tulsa Monday and Tuesday and I don't get to go. No body seems to want to have to keep track of me in the big truck in the "big city". Traffic gets really bad and Mike is afraid I will run over someone, oh well, gives me time to get some things in the mail!

It is gonna be nice here today, up into the 50's so I am going to tackle the henbit again today. I may get that crap killed off one of these days. Man that stuff is tough!!

I started some seeds last night but am kinda worried about them. I put them in egg cartons so I can easily transplant them later, used Miracle Grow seed starting mix and sprayed them with my water bottle. The problem is, the water just sat there on top of the starting mix. I don't know if it ever soaked in or not. Did I do something wrong or is this just the way the soil acts? It is really dry in the bag, not like potting soil that stays moist. If you can think of something I should do different, let me know - I want to grow something!!

Off to the coffee pot and then to the laundry room - luck me!!!


Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Silver Mound Artesima I love that one...
Enid water the soil before you use it, I always mix my miricle grow soil with perlite , vermiculite and something big then water it, honest!! Big trash can works.

I use egg cartons to start things too Enid. I use the top as a tray and poke holes in the egg cups. When I need to water I put water in the tray set the egg cup part in there and it soaks up through the holes. Since you've already planted, the bottom watering would be best. If you didn't poke holes then, use a wooden skewer and gently punch through.

I too water my soil before using it. Or I put dry soil in pots and set the pots in a tray of water. When you come back later the soil is wet and ready to go. I've had my share of floating water on peat.

How about African Mask for a black? Or Black bat flower, or Black Ruffles EE, or Summer chocolate mimosa. Sounds good enough to eat doesn't it.

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Yeah Seray...I think you should win the pencils for all the creative ideas!!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

You are having a power brain surge up tere. Better be careful ☺
Georgia Clay red sounds like a good one, do you think?
I don't have surges I have "binks" hehehehehe

You're kind Robin. Just renaming my own! LOL I'll try not to eat the chocolate one. :)

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Georgia Clay red Thats a great one it sounds absolute when you say it!!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

That what color some of these white horses are down here. You don't see any white.
Just the Georgia Red Clay. They are just beautiful. Now today they are just
Red Mule Red!!!!lol

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

I can't believe I found you guys. I'm always getting lost though.
I just went to check on Sonja and her arm was much better, not red but still swelled some. Al least she wasn't crying and could move it some. She couldn't even wiggle her fingers before today, I guess the swelling in the muscle.
Since they live in the country not city limits, they really don't enforce any laws unless it's a big shot rich person. They came out and put a metal cage out there but no dog is stupid enough to walk into a rusty cage.
My son went to the place where the dog lives and told them to chain the dog and they said they are scared of it too because it growled at them. They said they can't catch it, that was before it bit her. He told them if it came back he would kill it, but he wasn't there when this happened. It sneaks around and from what they said it is pregnant now. So it's probably looking for food to keep from starving.
But never fear, I know mr. smith and wesson personally and they are watching for it to come back. Heck they are riding around looking for it. :o)
Raining here since morning but weather people said it wasn't going to rain till late tonight. Jee e s e- lots they know.
I'm loving all the colors you guys. Thought you were nuts for a while theye, but now makes sense- OMG I sound like you guys!;o)

Glad your granddaughter's arm is better. They should pay the dang Dr. bills for sure. I know my premiums are higher because I have dogs. Mine being so vicious an all. :)

Red clay is good RRM. Need pinks, oranges, mojito limes. :) Some more greens. Red Hot poker. Isn't that a flower? Dianthus alpinus - Alpine Pink

How about Toadflax? Is that a green, brown, yellow? I think it's the color of this Peke. LOL

Thumbnail by seray53
Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Soooo Cute! How about Peke toadflax brown?

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Donkey poo Green is a good earthy color..
Mekos Star feel off a ladder working on her hoop house and got hurt.
so many people getting hurt. I'm glad your g'daugter is better. Tell your son to throw a hunk of meat in that cage and maybe she will go in it. Just stay out of the way when the door drops. We caught a dog that way one time. You couldn't get close to it.
Cosmos OraNge

Monticello, KY(Zone 6b)

HI Everyone
Jan so glad to hear your grandaughter is doing better.

Went shopping today and got more yarn now about ready to start working on my Cancer Ribbon design on the computer. Still haven't picked a background think I'll wait until I pick out what color ribbons I'm going to use.

Still trying to pick out what seeds I want to sow now gee it's hard to choose with so many seeds on hand.

French Lavendar for the purple

Dellroy, OH(Zone 6b)

RRM...Star as in Ella? that is horrible! After all she has done this winter for everyone, that is just not right. Praying she heals soon and isn't hurt that bad.

Happy to hear your granddaughter is doing better.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Yes, that is the Star.
They were talking about it over on the piggy swap.

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Enid look at this you just type in your zip code for freeze dates!! Yeah DG!!!

Enid, OK

Thanks arejay! That helps me some - I still don't know if I should plant the dang lettuce seeds in February or not - I am assuming not but I don't know that sowing in February is a great idea either! Once again, I don't know what to do - guess we will wait and see when the "urge" hits me - that's when I will plant. LOL

Hope everyone has a great day today - supposed to be warmish here today - yippee - I can go outside. Maybe I will get the leaf blower/mulcher out today and clean up the yard a bit - we have tons of leaves!! Can I use them in the bottom of large containers for "bulk". I doubt I need as much soil in some of my rims as they will hold - they are 22 1/2" tall - what do you think? I sure hate to buy that much potting mix if I don't have to.

Montrose, AR(Zone 8a)

Hello everyone...Hope you all are well.. I love your colors.. all showing vivid imaginations...Hope you GD continues to improve Mekos, such a terrible trauma...I'd be scared of dog forever after something like that...Poor Ella.. she has lots of misadventures...she must be like me and have 2 left piggy feet!!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Lori, You got any foam peanuts o foam laying around. Anything light yet takes up space. Empty 20 0z. soda bottles. Throw them in bottom of pot to take up space. That will work better than leaves. The leaves will break down and you will hav e to add more soil.
RIMS as in truck rims or hubs. I have a couple of old truck hubs that I got flowers in. Hope this helps.
Honey, you just be careful, don't want any more members being hurt.
Love you all
Charleen, Charley and the longears...☺

Hi Everyone

Football today! LOL Enid save those leaves for lasagna beds. Put them in big garbage bags and let them sit until you need them. We'll help you make your beds the easy way with the lasagna technique. No weeds, no tilling etc. When you decide where you want to put them we'll walk you through the steps. EASY Mechelle built one every weekend this summer I think.

If you plant lettuce in Feb. you'll need to cover them. I grew up in Ky and they started things in Feb. outside in cold frames with the tobacco. Never planted spring crops that early. It snowed and sleeted in in March lots of years. Think about Easter egg hunts. Do you need a jacket? You can always plant 1/4 in Feb. 1/4 in March etc. That way you'll know next year for sure and if you're lucky you'll have fresh lettuce the whole time. :)

Soda cans are a good idea RRM. I may do that this year myself. Peanuts are hard to sort at the end of the year and pinecones are sticky. :)

Have a good day.

Enid, OK

Is it too early (or too late) to start a lasagna bed now? I know I read about them somewhere - I have newspapers and/or cardboard and leaves. Oh, and a have my very own poop making machine - however, human waste in my veggies sounds pretty gross. I swear that grandson of mine can poop more than any baby I have ever seen! I should have bought stock in pampers this year.

Are you talking about pop cans - the aluminum ones?? Heaven forbid I use pop cans for gardening - those are like gold to some folks around here. (DH keeps them - one here, six over there, two behind his seat.....but we can't throw them away.)
How about old semi parts for "bulk"? That would work if they are clean don't you think? I am sure the plant roots wouldn't be too fond of diesel fuel or grease.

The semi rims look like this - they are 22.5 inches tall and it is probably 7' around. This is where I am going to plant my black eyed susan vine. The bell thing I bought somewhere, the pot stand is from the pot DH broke last year mowing. The one my BF had given me for my BDay - great big strawberry pot, (goes outside weeping in sorrow for the lost pot)

Thumbnail by enidcandles

I love that bell with the rim! That will look wonderful!

You can start lasagna beds anytime. Including in your rims. You can plant right in the bed even though it's not broken down yet. I'm working on mine now for the goth area. Lay your paper, then go a layer of green, a layer of brown etc.. Green can be scraps from the kitchen, pine tree needles, or starbuck coffee grounds, lots of nitrogen there and they give them away free. Hard to find enough green this time of year. Then go back to brown, leaves, potting soil, dry pine needles. What ever you can find.

You can make yard art with the semi parts! LOL Can you get semi rims somewhere cheap? Looks like the perfect size for a bog garden!

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