Bronchitis + Sinusitis: desperate to recover

Phoenix, AZ

I cannot believe what's happened to me. On T'giving Day, my OH used charcoal starter on the briquettes to get them started. He must have used half the full container. It was horrible outdoors, the grill wasn't far from the kitchen door and fumes came inside, too. That afternoon my nose turned on like a faucet, followed by the eyes. On the 3rd day, I felt it down in my throat and the coughing began. I hurried off to the doc, hoping to keep infection at bay. No dice: Here's a scrip for cough syrup, some vasotabs and an inhaler. Two days later, I'm coughing up yellow and green sputum. Back to doc. Dx: Acute sinusitis and bronchitis. Started two courses of antibiotics. After just over 2 weeks, I felt I was recovering. I went out a few times to get groceries, etc., and it started all over again! Finally, last week, I thought for sure it was over. NOT. I worked in the yard a bit on Sunday afternoon and I am paying big time. This is the worst iteration yet of this nasty condition. My nose is stuffed, my chest hurts, coughing has made me sore all over and it feels like a knife under my shoulder when I have to hack up the sputum. What the $%*+)*%#@!???!!!!

Has anyone else experienced this awful mess? I am desperate not to develop chronic bronchitis. If you saw a doc, what did s/he do, or prescribe? If you treated successfully at home, what did you do or take? I have now lost nearly 6 productive weeks to this and it's nowhere near over. HELP!

Phoenix, AZ


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tomatofreak, I haven't had bronchitis in a while - knock on wood. I seem to be overly bothered by allergies this fall and winter. For me - I rely on things like generic Mucinex - it helps to loosen up the phlegm. I use it during the day and use a strong cough medicine at night. Do not use the mucinex at night or you will be coughing all night long. I try sipping chicken broth with a smashed clove of garlic in it. I don't eat the garlic though. Drinking plenty of fluids will also help to thin out the phlegm. Ginger and garlic are supposed to excellent for congestion. I make a nice chicken soup from scratch and put lemon juice and ginger in it. It tastes great.

For an OTC cough I like to use the Zicam spray. I can use a little and it calms the cough right away. And of course a heating pad or Vicks on the chest can help ease the congestion. I would try some simple saline nasal sprays to keep the passages cleaned out. For your info - bronchitis can be brought on by allergies.

I hope you feel better.

Phoenix, AZ

I am somewhat less congested today as a result of taking the kind of pseudoephedrine you can only get from the pharmacist by giving your personal history. I've gone through half a jar of Vicks, drunk more tea than I usually drink in a month, and used two bottles of Mucinex since November. This morning I took the decongestant and 2 mucinex and I've gotten a lot of the phlegm up and out. I got a note from MaVie about ginger tea so I'm going to try that. And I'll make some garlic soup, too.

I am quite sure this got started when I breathed in the charcoal lighter fumes. And I must have gotten in some dust last weekend that jump-started this worst case. I've never considered myself to be allergic but I'm pretty convinced now that I can't expose myself to smoke, dust, or fumes.

Thanks 'elsie' and others who d-mailed me. When all else fails, I usually come here for good advice.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

do try the ginger tea. it has been in my family for several generations. in fact, our ancestors pass it on to us. u can not beat using natural ginger and no chemical at all. it works, it never failed me yet.

heat 8 cups water, add 1" fresh ginger cut into 1/8 of inch thick [the size similar to a quarter]. simmer in the hot water for 15 to 20 mins. drink it as hot as u can take it. add honey if u want it sweetened. use fresh lemon juice if u wish to improve flavor but not necessary. ginger tea flavor need an acquired taste.

ginger tea is great for cold and flu patients. ginger will take get off all the phlegm along ur esophagus down to ur stomach. trust me this works.

drink as much hot ginger tea as u can. after a day or two u should be feeling better. i given this same recipe to some DG members before. i do not know if they tried it or not.. no one got back for me to know it worked for them.

if u can, try to suck on very thin slice of fresh ginger, that will help too. whenever i fly, i take lots of fresh ginger slices to avoid from being sick during flight too. so far, i never had any accidents. ginger has many good healing qualities.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I just stumbled upon this thread and misery loves company! Tomatofreak, I will hope you are on the mend. I am sympathetic but fortunate mine hasn't gotten that bad.

A week before Christmas, I was exposed to mold and mildew and it triggered the same reaction with my sinuses. I've not had it before but have had sinusitus ever since. I will begin to feel better and for any reason (known or unknown) will have a relapse. Unlike you, I've managed to stay away from the Dr.

I began immediately flushing my sinuses with a saline solution. I use a Sinucleanse bulb but one can also use a Neti pot. On the good days, I will do it one time before bed. Bad days find me flushing them morning and evening. It at least seems to give me some relief and has prevented infection from setting in. By flushing my sinuses, I can watch for signs of infection and have kept it at bay.

For meds, I tried at first to dry it up taking Benadryl but can't stand being so sleepy when I still have to work. A nurse friend suggested taking cemetidine (Tagamet) if it is really bad. That will block the allergen receptors. I've used it in the past with success for spring allergies. He says it just takes time for the sinuses to settle back to normal. I don't care to do too much of the cemetidine as it will give me diarrhea ~ again, not pleasant when you have to work.

I have an aversion to medicines and prefer home remedies. Soups and hot herbal teas has also seemed to deliver relief by opening up the congestion and clearing away the drainage.

I have also been told that antibiotics are useless unless infection has set in. Natural antibiotics are a good suggestion to repel and use of garlics and gingers fit into that category.

It seems to be clearing up and then will strike again with a vengance. I have wondered about this though as I know it is not infectious to others but have talked to so many people that are dealing with this too. Makes me wonder what we are doing to ourselves to cause this or what is different this winter.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

call it old wives tale if u must, but this sure work for me... my grandma told me there are 3 weak point on our body [pulse area for lack of better terminology:
1 behind each ear
2. along the collar bones, for men - it's the Adam's apple? area.
3. head. these areas according to my grandma is our weakest point. therefore IF expose to cold, we are prone to get sick. when i was younger, i was very stubborn, aren't we all to be rebellious towards the elders? any way, got tired of getting sick, hate running nose and coughing.

now-a-days, i always have a scarp,long enough to cover my head, and neck areas - keeps me very warm, when i got out. it is always a practice to drink hot tea during colder months. so far knock on wood, i avoid flu, cold, running nose. i may look funny to others, i don't care, my health is far more important than anything.

Phoenix, AZ

Pod, this is just a bear! I talked to my next door neighbor today and she and her daughter have also had this crud for over a month. Same thing, get a little better and WHAM! - it's back. I used the neti pot today for the first time in a while because my ears had felt like they were stuffed with cotton balls. I think that the decongestant relieved some of that pressure, plus reduced the size of the bowling balls in my head. I hate medicines, too, and always try to find common sense treatments that don't have a ton of nasty side effects. One reason I always like to hear from MaVie!

MaVie, when I was a kid, my dad would always caution me to "bundle up" against the cold - and of course I didn't want to. But my mom and I always had scarves. Seems like a good idea that fell victim to fashion. I have one I really like though. It's all wool and looks like the weave is too open to do any good but it really is warm. Sometimes I sit in the house with it over my head and wrapped around by neck.

I just got some fresh ginger today and I'm going to make a pot of that tea. I've been using a tea with licorice root in it and it does help to bring stuff up.

Btw, did anyone hear about the Vicks on the feet 'cure'? I guess it's making the rounds on the internet. Lather the soles of your feet with Vicks, pull on socks and feel better in the morning. I tried but I could not sleep with the socks on.

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

I couldn't sleep with the socks on either. It did sound like something to try, I wish I could have tolerated them and maybe it would have worked

Phoenix, AZ

I encourage anyone with this junk to try MaVie's ginger tea. I made it today and it is great stuff. I've gotten a lot of the phlegm up without using mucinex. And I just can't keep taking that decongestant. It's no wonder they call people who misuse this drug are called "speed freaks" - you can't sleep. Anyhoo, pod and everyone else with this misery, I hope you're feeling better. It's supposed to rain all week here so I won't be going out, that's for sure. We got no rain all summer long so I guess we're going to get our entire allotment this week. Go figure.

Madison, WI

I have chronic sinusitis. I do use ginger tea when get stuffed it is great. I was told by a Chinese
practitioner that it's better to use fresh juice when your mucus is running and dry ground power
when it's stagnated. I also use horsereddish to clear mucus built up.

My husband went through something similar to your symptoms this December. It took him almost
a month and a half to get over it. The last resort was a Chinese medicine called YinChiao Tablet.
He is very skeptical of TCM, but it worked so well for him that now we have two bottles of the tables
in the medicine cabinet.

I hope you are feeling better. Don't despare, this kind of problems are difficult to deal with and
usually take long time once things get out of control. Just keep at it.

Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the reminder about Yin Chaio; I've used it many times to ward off colds but I'm out. I seriously doubt if it will make a difference in this horrid crud but I'd take just about anything right now if there's any chance it would. I'm making more of the ginger tea, too. How did you use the horseradish?

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

In response, mine is still vascillating from better to badder. I love horseradish and eat it grated on food. I must say that I can't think that helps. It serves to stimulate my mucus drainage which doesn't seem to need any extra help. I need my sinuses unstimulated. They are working overtime already.

OTOH, the ginger should work well for chest congestion and for antibiotic benefit. I am fortunate not to have had this settle in the chest. I think flushing with saline solution has helped prevent that. Least it works for me. Will check out the Yin Chaio ~ that is new to me and worth a try.

Madison, WI

I am a serious fish eater and horseradish is perfect with any blander tasting fish.
I am also very partial to wasabi peas. Since my sinus problem is that I get congested
and that makes breathing difficult. Horseradish clears nasal passages for me.
It does not have a long lasting stimulating effect for me. Also I read that it "breaks mucus"
to help it get out of the system. As with most herbal treatments it takes time.

Phoenix, AZ

Pod, I would buy the yin chaio, but don't expect it to do much for what you have now. It is best used when you have the first sign that something is budding. It has worked wonders for me when I've felt a cold coming on, but this stuff is no common cold. I went to Sprouts yesterday and picked up a B-complex with a coenzyme (that I hope will keep me from having heartburn I usually get with B's) and - most important - NAC. That's n-acetyl-l-cysteine. I had long forgotten that NAC had been prescribed to me by a naturopathic doc a long time back - when I had yet another weird respiratory thing going. Here's a piece about it. I got the Jarrow formula shown on the site. I took two capsules last night and slept through the night. I'm going to take four capsules a day, along with the B-complex, and hope it works. Nothing else has, that's for sure. I've coughed till the muscles under my right shoulder blade feel like they've ripped loose. Hurts like blazes.

Also yesterday, I had "Chinese medicine soup" at a local restaurant. It didn't taste terrible but I definitely could taste the bitter herbs in it. They couldn't come up with English names for most of the ingredients but I tasted them all. So maybe the soup did the trick last night, who knows. I just know I'm sick of being sick, sick of antibiotics and all the other synthetic stuff that does who-knows-what to my liver and kidneys.

How are you all today?

Madison, WI

This is very interesting info. Thank you for the link. I'd like to see if this could work for me too.
Twice a year in between the seasons I go through a few miserable spells.

Phoenix, AZ

It's baaaaack! I had recovered - or so I thought - and worked outside last Friday off and on for a total of about 3 -4 hours, I'd guess. I raked a bit on the patio and trimmed some small branches off a chinaberry tree we prune back every year. Next day, sore scratchy throat, nasal congestion and overall fatigue. Now, it's back to bronchitis and coughing every few minutes, getting up some white foamy phlegm.

I want to know if any of you have tried any of these remedies:

1) Something called Bronovil (active ingredient = pelargonium sidoides) or
2) marshmallow root capsules or
3) Boiron (brand) tablets of histaminium hydroclorum

The first two I found highly recommended online and the last one was sworn to be 'the' cure for bronchitis by a friend who practices with herbal and essential oils.

Are any of you suffering these constant relapses? I am so sick of being sick, I can't tell you!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, depending on what I am exposed to my recurs. My trigger is mold/mildew and I live in east TX!

I haven't used any of those... all I am still doing is flushing the sinuses daily (if really bad twice daily) and ester C.

Hang in there and please let us know if you try those ~ successfully or not?

Phoenix, AZ

I got the Boiron tablets and I've been taking 5 every 15 minutes for the last two or three hours. I think you have to order the Bronovil online. And I may do that, too. And oddly, I haven't found marshmallow root capsules at the health food store I frequent. So we'll see. Right now, I still feel miserable.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tomatofreak, I'm sorry you can't seem to beat this. You know if it is allergies you might just want to give in and take medicine for it. I have year round allergies. If I don't take my meds I have a really good chance of getting bronchitis. Just a suggestion. I hope you feel better.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Just something to think about.

For several years I suffered with extreme sinusitis, dreadful allergy symptoms, and phlegm so thick I often feared I might choke and die in my sleep. I lived on the max prescription dose of psuedoephedrine (Sudafed), along with Guiefensen (sp?) which I took at greater than max dose to thin the phlegm. I also took the max dose of pretty much ever type of allergy medicine out there. Often the pain in my sinuses was so severe I had to take narcotic pain meds to get through the day. Periodically, I would get a severe, sinus infection requiring a lengthy course of antibiotics.

This went on for years during which I could be seen daily holding a cup of hot coffee, a cold can of soda, or a microwaved sock of rice against my face for pain relief. During that time I was in such constant misery that I was really not able to enjoy life and was barely able to work. It was a bleak time for me. I had been to the best allergists in the region w/o success and was starting to wonder if I would have to suffer with this for the rest of my life. I even got so desperate I had a perfectly good tooth removed to see if it might be the source of the problem.

Then one day I learned that a number of people who worked in the same bldg as me were experiencing similar problems. Some of them wondered about "Sick Bldg Syndrome" and had contacted authorities about this. An inspection of the building turned up a severe mold infestation in the [drop down] ceiling and in the A/C system and ducts. A company was brought in to remove the mold. After the mold was removed, all of the problems I had experienced for years went away.

Now I am "normal" again. I still have the occasional sinus 'attack', but now I have 'normal' sinusitis not the horrible, mind bending pain I used to have. I no longer have phlegm problems or any of the other dreadful symptoms I had for years when I was [unknowingly] exposed to high levels of mold daily. I no longer live on a daily cocktail of Sudafed, Mucinex, allergy meds, pain pills, etc.

In retrospect, it is scary to realize that until the mold in the building was discovered and treated no one knew what was causing my problem and none of the Dr's I saw were able to help me. I hope this isn't the cause of your problem but I thought it worth mentioning since your symptoms sounded similar in many ways.

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

Oh my, DoS! reading this reminds me that I, too, had to take a cocktail of 3 different prescription anti-allergy meds and 2 expectorants until I had my household goods packed up and either sent to Korea or long-term storage. I spent 3 or 4 months "camping out" in the house afterwards and within a month, I was skipping one of the allergy meds. I now only take a tummy drug (Zantac) that has a side effect of being an anti-allergy. This tells me that there is something in my household goods that has mold or mildew in it. Hmm, my mattresses and upholstered furniture were there with me in Hawaii for 3 years while I battled a fungus infection in my lungs and the sudden onset of horrible allergies... I now think that they harbor the molds that are so harmful to me and will have to re-think my furnishings when we move back...
Gosh, I am glad that you brought this up ^_^ Big Thanks!

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

You are very welcome, Juney!

I just remember how I suffered back then and how for years I was unable to pinpoint the problem. It was horrible. When trying to figure out the source of my problem, I considered mold but discarded the idea because I had lived in more than one home (1 w/different furnishings) during the time I was suffering. The chance of all them being mold infested seemed small. I never suspected my office building because I suffered just as much at night and on weekends as I did during working hours. Apparently, after spending 8hrs breathing in mold spores one doesn't feel better as soon as they leave the infested area.

It has been years now since they found and removed the mold from that building. I've not had a re-occurrence of those horrible, chronic symptoms since then. I am hyper sensitive to mold now though. I'm like a 'mold meter'. If I walk into an area with mold I will immediately start sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. The back of my throat will itch. I'll start to cough endlessly. I have to either get out of the area or find and remove the source of the mold or my symptoms will continue to spiral out of control.

Hope this helps you.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I thank you too. I got scoffed at (because I said it was triggered by mold and mildew) when my attack was so severe. I also have since picked up on the hypersensitivity. My reaction to exposure now is immediate volumes of sinus drainage.

It has also been aggravated by the amazing amount of pollen we have this spring. I now wear a mask when outdoors for long to control it.

Tomatofreak ~ how are you feeling these days?

Phoenix, AZ

Good information about the mold issue, DoS. This is something that's been known for years and the Sick Bldg Syndrome is not new either. So it's a crying shame when doctors don't ask about exposure to mold/mildew and even worse if they pooh-pooh a person's suggestion that they think it might be the cause of their illness. Mold in a house is not easy to clean up and mold in upholstered furniture might be impossible to eradicate. JuneyBug, you might need new stuff!

I'm lucky that I don't have an allergic reaction to mold but I'm still very careful if I suspect I'm being exposed. I know I could get a lung infection and just as sure I don't want one. Anti-fungal drugs are not on my list of any meds I ever want to take.

Podster, I'm finally over the crud. I only say that because I've gone several weeks now without a relapse. For me, the exposure to dust, smoke and fumes from petrochemicals are the things I absolutely have to avoid. We're putting in some saltillo tile and since I wanted to deepen the color, we were going to use an oil-based sealer - until we were advised we'd need to mix paint thinner with linseed oil. NOT. No way am I risking breathing paint thinner fumes. Color or not, I'm using water-based sealer.

I did find a product that helped relieve the stuffiness caused by swollen nasal tissue. On a trip to a nearby town, I went into a vitamin store that turned out to be much more than vitamins. I told the woman how I could not get rid of the congestion and she showed me a little nasal inhaler - like the old Vicks inhalers, a little tube. It's this product: I was stunned when I used it and the congestion went away. It's been about 3 weeks since I got it. I use it every day and I can breathe through my nose! I was beginning to think I'd never be able to do that again.

Macomb, MI(Zone 5b)

have you ever tried the netty pot....they have and electric version as well....

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


It's ridiculous that anyone would scoff at you for thinking mold was the cause of your symptoms. As you probably know, mold spores can be very dangerous. Some types can make you very ill and even kill you. There is nothing imaginary about it.

Although I considered mold a time or two over the years when trying to figure out what was happening to me, I really didn't think mold was my problem. Even when I learned that the building was being treated for mold, I didn't dare think that after years of suffering I would soon be 'normal' again. During the weeks they were removing the mold, I actually got considerably worse and could barely make it even on pain meds. I guess the spores were stirred up more than ever during the removal process. But once the building was clean of mold, I quickly got better. That was a few years ago now, and the problem has not returned. It was quite amazing and dramatic really to see the difference the mold removal made.

During the years when I was being exposed to the mold, I had constant, chronic symptoms that were very severe. These 'base' symptoms were further aggravated by things like spring and fall pollen. With the mold exposure, spring (tree) pollen elevated my symptoms such that the air actually felt painful to breath, almost as though it contained sharp particles, and I found myself short of breath at times if I tried to exercise out of doors. Now that I am no longer exposed to the mold, spring allergies are but a minor bump in the road. The pollen here is maxed out now, and I'm not taking any medication. But when I was dealing with the mold, the fact that pollen made my symptoms so much worse, made me think my problem was caused by the pollen.

I mention all of these things not so that you (plural) will know what I went through but so that all of you will be aware of what mold can do in case you find yourself possibly under its effects. I would not wish what I went through on anyone. If I can help even one person out there to recognize and avoid this fate, it will be worth a million words. The symptoms can be different for different people and for different types of mold, and they are effected by other allergens such as pollen making it very difficult to realize where the culprit is coming from.

I think perhaps anyone who suddenly finds themselves dealing with chronic, severe, unexplained allergy and sinus symptoms and/or repeated colds and other respiratory symptoms should probably give serious consideration to mold as a possible cause - and be aware that the mold need not be in your home. It can be in your work place or any other place where you spend time regularly. Also, not everyone is equally sensitive to mold spores, so just because others around you seem fine doesn't mean you are not being exposed to mold.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better. I brought up my symptoms and prior experience because a lot of what you described sounded very similar to what I had been through, enough so that I wanted you to consider whether mold exposure might also be causing your problems.

I'm glad to hear that it isn't mold in your case and that you seem to have it under control now. Having been through what seemed like very similar symptoms, I have great empathy for your situation. I hope you will continue to feel better.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

DreamOfSpring ~ what a blessing to have an answer for the misery you went thru. After that, I can understand your wanting to inform others about the possibile results of exposure to mold. Glad you are now able to enjoy normal things like springtime! 8 )

Tomatofreak ~ thanks for the link. I will keep an eye out for it when in health food stores. There are no local distributors in this area and their online catalog was down right now. I far prefer organic and herbal aids as needed.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

I've been fighting bronchitis for 11 days now. I am not sure where I picked it up. It was probably at the grocery store. But, I also spray painted a cement bunny and the fumes triggered my asthma, so mine may be chemically induced. Either way, I just can't seem to get past the coughing.

I saw the doctor the second day, and he did put me on an antibiotic. I always have cough syrup. By day four my throat felt like someone was cutting me with razor blades.

I, too, took Benadryl to try and dry up. It works, but knocks me out.

cough... cough... cough...

My DH and DS bought me Vernor's Gingerale and Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drops. Made me feel like I was a child again. Loved it ! I can't drink tea, but the ginger does help the nausea you get from taking all the other meds.

They have been running errands and doing chores too. My DS has been cooking, doing laundry, and he even cleaned the bathrooms !

I turned the corner yesterday. My head told me I could conquer the world, or at least go to the bank and Target (I'm almost out of Tide). My body, however, told me to stay home and rest.

I stayed home, but I did do a few chores. I paid for that with a coughing spell that left me breathless way after bedtime.

I loaded up with meds again and slept until 10am this morning. I am laying low today. No extra chores. Just the necessary stuff.

I saw on the news last evening that the pollen counts are expected to be very high this spring and summer. Great. That will make working in the yard risky for people like me. Not that it will stop me. I'll just keep on coughing...

I hope all of us get well soon.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


I 2nd that last sentiment.

As for the pollen counts (which were through the roof here yesterday), I like this site for tracking the pollen count in my area:

They will even send you email alerts when pollen counts are expected to be high in your area.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

DreamOfSpring - Thanks ! It would be great to know what days to stay indoors with the a/c running.

Phoenix, AZ

Isn't it ironic that the time of year when you'd most like to be outside all day is the time when nature tries to kill you?! We've had more rain here in the last several months than we had in the last two years. Everything in the world is blooming and the pollen counts are off the charts.

Countrymom - and everybody else - please don't spray paint or use anything with chemical fumes without wearing a respirator or, at the very least, a very, very good mask. Chemical fumes are what sent me into the godawful bronchitis in the first place and I struggled not to let it morph into pneumonia. I had a some lung rattles a few times, but thankfully it never solidly took hold.

DoS, my OH is like you, very sensitive to mold. His ear doctor has told him never to move to a rainy, humid climate.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Like many sites, has a lot of stuff on the home page.

To access your local pollen count for the next few days, click on your state on the US map on the home page. That will take you to a page for your state where you can either choose your city from a drop down menu or enter your zip code to see a bar chart showing your local pollen counts for the next 4 days. This page also shows the plants in your area that are producing the major pollen at the time.

To sign up for email alerts when your area is expected to have a high pollen count, click on the link below the pollen bar chart (below right). There may be other links for this elsewhere on the site.

They also have a page for asthma levels in your area. To access that click on "Asthma Forecast" in the Useful Links near the bottom of the screen with the bar chart for your local allergy counts. That will take you to a similar bar chart showing the expected air quality in your area for the next 4 days.

There is a wealth of information on the site, no doubt lots of stuff that I've not yet seen. There are also links from time to time for coupons for major allergy meds. I hope you will find the site helpful. It is one of my goto sites during allergy season. Yesterday morning I awoke with a runny nose and sneezing a lot. I checked the site and sure enough the pollen in my area was topping the chart that day. Seeing this, I took Zyrtec and was fine in short order.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


I've often wondered if the high humidity here may aggravate my symptoms. Many people who move here from other areas mention that their allergies get significantly worse. In addition to the increased likelihood of mold due to the high humidity and high annual rain fall, our long growing season allows pollen producing plants to grow (and produce pollen) over a longer period of time. Roses are still blooming here at Christmas; consequently, so are the weeds and other pollen producing plants. All in all, this does not appear to be a great place for allergy sufferers.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

DreamOfSpring - I signed up for the pollen email. Thank you. They also have a page for asthma, so since I have asthma, I signed up for that too. Who knows - I might learn something new !

(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN(Zone 7a)

I had the same crud you had through Christmas and into Jan. and Feb. I took 3 rounds of antibiotics before I got it cleared up, and now I have it again! Pine pollen has all the cars yellow here! I can't sleep because of the coughing, and I've started another round of antibiotics. I also have had 3 allergy shots for this. It's horrible! I'm about ready to go to an allergist about it!

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Super high pollen levels will sometimes cause me to cough so much that I can't sleep. It's not a productive cough (nothing in my chest to cough up). Mine is just due to a persistent 'tickle' or irritation at the back of my throat activating my cough response. It's more annoying than anything - because it keeps me awake. For me either Zyrtec or Benedryl will usually stop it and allow me to sleep.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


I hope the site helps you. If nothing else it helps me to know if that sudden bought of coughing and sneezing is likely due to high pollen levels, and thus I should take allergy meds, or if it's more likely a cold.

(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN(Zone 7a)

I take allegra 180 daily. Probably couldn't breathe, without it! That tickley nonh productive cough is what keeps me up, too! Last time it WAS productive and he gave my Tussin pearls. They really helped the cough. I guess he thought I didn't need it, this time!

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