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SOLVED: Tennessee Wildflower????????????

While on vacation last week managed to get some seeds from our son's pasture' I don't have a pic but its leaves are like a little mimosa and has bright yellow flowers' Hope someone can help me' TIA,Sis'

Lebanon, MO

Do they fold up when touched ? Gin

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Sis I think the photo I posted under help is the same flower. Check it out. Jim

Nope Ginge,that's the first test I tried,lol'

Sorry but it's not the same Jim. The plant I took seeds from has very small leaves like the mimosa and are separated by the stem,like every leaf segment has about 1 inch of stem between. It's a sprawly plant also with a center stem in the middle with the leaves. Appreciate the input' Sis'

Lyles, TN

Sis: Is it about 3 ft tall? Do the flowers form very long "bean" like pods?

Well Ivey,these plants were under 2ft. but the pods were like beans,yes'

Sis ,I have seen this sm. plant at my sil's.It is so pretty and sure looks like mimosa leaves.It closes up at dusk,like the mimosa.No clue on the name or where it came from.

Thanks everyone for the input' I did bring home some pods with seeds but they weren't brown yet. Gonna let them dry good and maybe get one plant,all I need' Then if any wants some seed,I'll be happy to share. I've been looking through several weed links and haven't found it either' Perhaps some of you have neighbors there in Tn. that may know the name??? Thanks so much,Sis'

(Zone 9a)

Hi Sis,
Could they possibly be Cassia fasciculata (Partridge pea) as seen at the sites below?

YIPPEEE,THANKS WENDY'' THAT BE THE ONE''' Now hope I get one to grow,lol'''Sis' You just made my day'''

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

It may be ok in your zone SIS, but here in south GA, they are a nightmare.. LOL..You cannot get rid of them..

Update,wasn't my day at all' Still tired from vacation and did some laundry today. Between bringing in plants,posting here,watering etc.,big setback.

After ya'll helped me with this id,I'm sorry. I should have put this "tip" into our new "Trading Primer" DON'T PUT SEEDS IN YOUR POCKET WHILE HARVESTING AND FORGET THEM"


lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Sis that is the same plant that I posted. Mine is the partridge pea. Mine is about 5 feet high now and has the yellow flower that is the link that Wendy posted. Jim

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