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Zinnia1, Clinton Township, Mi. Welcome to DG.

Jerome, MI(Zone 5b)

Hello nice to meet you. Glad you found the best garden site on the web. I am sure you will like it here..This is the Michigan forum..Where your neighbors and friends..are members here too. Please come here often.. Michiganders are great..

Please tell usa about you gardens...and if you have a problem...getting around this big place..just ask here..and someone will help you out..

Again welcome... smiles..Diana...

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AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

Welcome Zinnia! Love your name. I'm glad you have joined in here at Daves and the Michigan forum. Tell us about your garden.


Sanford, MI(Zone 5a)

welcome to our Michigan group and Daves join right in we love new people

Macomb, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi and welcome Zinnia....where are you located? where pretty close ^_^


Auburn Hills, MI(Zone 6a)

Welcome Zinnia !!!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

welcome to the site

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!!! Sorry I didn't reply sooner.

Since I live in a condo, I am rather limited on the gardening I can do. The perrenials currently living with me consist of hostas, a pulmaria, one Japanese lilac, one coreopsis, one peony, several coneflowers, lavendar, and one indestructable winter savory. I plant two tomatoes each year and some peppers and green beans, which I have to artfully plant amongst the flowers (to keep the condo board happy). I fill in the rest with herbs and annuals, which change each year.

I do love zinnias, and plant State Fair every year, so I have armfuls of bouquets all summer! I ordered some Zahara zinnia seeds and can't wait to see how they will perform. I start my own seeds for most of my flowers & veggies. I bought a ceramic stawberry pot two weeks ago for a really good price and would like to actually grow strawberries in it! Any suggestions on which strawberrys grow best in a pot would be appreciated. Anyone try to grow strawberries from seed? I will buy plants, but have seen seeds recently.

Other interests include golfing, cooking, talk radio, knitting, and most recently, Geocaching. I graduated from Mich Tech more years ago than I care to admit and have had the good fortune to travel extensively through the US, Europe, and Australia. One of my goals is to visit as many National Parks as I can in the next few years. I was a certfied Master Gardener for several years, but have let it lapse. I would love to hear about you!

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 5b)

Detheo, hi neighbor!!! I live in the 18 & Hayes area, moved here about 15 years ago. What are your favorite nurseries and for what items? I really like Hessell's, small but really reasonable, especially their herb plants and perrenials. They also offer the most variety of tomatoes, most of which I have only seen seeds in catalogs. I also will buy annuals from Dennewith's and Bordine's. There are so many nurseries with 15 miles it can be overwhelming.

I bought a large, ceramic strawberry pot at Wiegand's two weeks ago. It was originally $65 (couldn't justify that price!) and was marked down to $15 so I a grabbed it. If you are looking for ceramic pots, the pickings are slim, but worth a look-see. Some of the deep discount pots had small chips in them (my pot did) but put a plant in it and no one will know.

I am going to the Orchid Show at English Garden on Feb 7 for one of their free seminars. Never attended before and someone gave me an orchid so I thought I could pick up some good tips.

Macomb, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi Zinnia, I'd have to say we frequent the same places...^_^ ...there are a few more I go to that are a little north of me one called jusco's "great prices"...and then there's diegals right by me on 25 mile west of Hayes...

Sounds like you are a busy girl :)....I'm sure the orchid show will be spectacular! I don't have to many indoor plants as I don't have to much natural sunlight in my house :( everything dies...I had a few orchids I gave them away they need the light...

That was a great buy at wiegands...I don't find to many deals like that there :) but I love the quality of there plants and accessories. Sometimes we get what we pay for....

Keep in touch... it's good to finally have someone a little closer to me from Dave's Garden ^_^ where do you geocash around here? My sister and her family love geocashing!! I also knit to, but I crochet more :)


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Almont, MI

Don't forget Brohl's Greenhouses on 25 mile, 2.5 miles east of Romeo Plank. (my in-laws)

Dearborn, MI

Geocaching, geocash, I give, what is that? Nanch

Dearborn, MI

Forgot to add my welcome to the site. Also, to mention one of my favorite garden shop sorta out that way and that is Telly's on John R north of 16 Mile. If you've seen some perennial in some catalog somewhere that you just gotta have, this is the place most likely to have it. Pricey though. Nancy

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi nancyruhl! I am a Nancy, too!

The best way to describe geocaching is a treasure hunt using a GPS unit to locate the treasure. The 'treasure' is a container with a log inside you sign and date. You then log your find on People hide containers (1 million + hidden all over the world) and post the longitude/latitude coordinates on the geocaching website. You use the coordinates to take you to the spot where the container is hidden. Once at the location, you use clues and have to search for the actual item, which can be trickier than it sounds.

Caches are hidden just about anywhere on public land, in the woods where you have to hike a while to get to the location, parking lots where you can pull your car up to the cache, cemeteries where you have to find headstones and use the dates on the stone to figure out the final location, just about anything goes. To get an idea of how many caches are out there, there are over 2000 just within a 10 mile radius of my home! Geocaching is a great way to get outside and get some exercise and I have met some really nice people along the way.

John R and 16 is only about 15-20 minutes away, depending on the traffic on 16! I have never been to Telly's, will have to go browse.

Macomb, MI(Zone 5b)

oops Karen... sorry I go there to :)...I was at Telly's years ago on a field trip with my son...

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 5b)

detheo: I have been geocaching about a year now and mainly around the SE MI area. I am looking forward to geocaching in other areas while on vacation. Geocaching definately takes you off the beaten path and look forward to finding some cool areas. I have also hidden a series of caches around here based on the Gilligan's Island TV show. I have a few travel bugs, too. One of them I wanted to stay in the US and right now it is in Honduras! I am hoping the people who have it bring it back to the States after their vacation!

Lachine, MI

Welcome aboard! Alot of nice folks on here!
Garden Hugs!

Almont, MI

Zinnia 1, Interested in any more greenhouse's in your area?
Maeder's, 23 Mile & Shelby
Oljenik's, 23 & Card
Boykas Best, 23 & Romeo Plank
VanThommes, 23 in New Baltimore
Altermatt, 25 & Romeo Plank
I'm in Almont along with DeSmit's
You gotta shop'em all, you never know what you'll find.

Fenton, MI(Zone 5b)

Sorry I am so late in my hellos but I have not been here at Daves much lately.
But I hope you will find this site very informative and I hope to get to know you
as a Michigan Gardener Friend.

Hey Knbrol thanks for all the listing of green houses in the 23-25 mile area. I will go there just for a day of "hunting"
if you know what I mean!!

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