Can you tell me planting zone for Seville Spain.

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi my family lives in Seville Spain and I would like to know what their planting zone is, I am going to be sending seeds from the U.S and I would like to also show them what to plant and when chart of some kind but I am not sure what zone they are in.
Also zone for Cadiz Spain would also help as well, thank you.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Sevilla - zone 9, nearly 10
Cádiz - zone 10

Similar climate to Los Angeles.


mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

Thank you Resin this will make things a lot easier, boy I am envious they are going to be able to plant things sooner than me.

Kissimmee, FL(Zone 9b)

Also same as Central Florida, but I wish they would grow Seville Oranges here too, Then I could make some real marmalade!

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

Oh yes those nice bitter oranges, I still remember my father's in law's face when he bit into one it was very funny.

Tuscany - Italy, Italy(Zone 9a)

Seville oranges grow in almost all town streets in Andalucia,in Sevilla municipality sell to industries but the often rot on the ground waiting to be picked !
I grow some plant here in Tuscany zone 9 but I have to shelter even near Pisa and Massa Carrara they can grow in open ground !
Fine to read your messages.

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

Yes I know what you mean, actually my grandma lives near Valencia and when my DH and I were driving from Sevilla to come and see her, I saw tons of plantations of oranges and lemons, the sad part was the trees were extremely loaded with fruit and many were on the dirt floor, nobody was picking up those precious fruits and so I had to ask my Dear grandma why was it that there was no workers picking up the fruit, she responded that the price was so cheap on oranges and lemons that it was more expensive to pay workers to pick the fruit than just to let the fruit fall and rot in the ground.

I could not believe my eyes, we pay a pretty penny here in the US for lemons and oranges, lemons are if you are lucky $1 a piece and oranges are even more expensive, I can't even remember when I was able to make real orange juice from real oranges instead of buying the frozen stuff that I always buy at the store, it is just too darn expensive.

Tuscany - Italy, Italy(Zone 9a)

Here are even more expensive especially Italian lemons often are imported from Latin America.It's a big problem grower receive such a low price and we pay a lot and quantities of fruit is left on the ground or trees.
European Union role also is often negative as they support growers but only for what they plant or grow not for what they pick or harvest !
On other side a god news The US administration has banned oil drilling in new areas of the US ... to fisheries and wildlife in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida !

Pieve di Compito, Italy

Hi...thought I'd add a few cents...if you look on Google for "European Climate Information" you can follow to the maps showing southern Spain as a Zone 10...hardly ever have a frost there...but there are many microclimates waiting to ambush the uninformed gardener...
Seville especially has summer heat to unbearable degrees...120 F not uncommon...and drying it can be wet for several months in the winter...gardening there can be challanging...but do citrus do well? You bet!...and most of the hardy plant material from zone 10...just be sure any garden plants are protected from the wind......and stay away from sweet peas and plants needing humidity.....
Hope this helped.

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