starting angel wing (cane) begonias from seed

Corpus Christi, TX

Does anyone have advice on how to grow angel wing begonias from seed? I received pelleted seeds from Pine Tree Garden and have started them in the new fangled "All Roots Seed Propagator" which I purchased from Gardens Alive. The seed which is very tiny is dropped into a whole in the "grow plug". Should they germinate in light or dark, because though the hole is deep for the little seed, it still gets some light?

South Hadley, MA(Zone 6a)

I always had success with angel wings from seed. What I do is surface sow on top a super fine germination mix, firm but do not cover, place in a clear poly bag about 10" from grolux bulbs, and the heat mat is set to 80 degrees. I run the lights about 16 hours a day on a timer.

I do all of early annual seeds this way and some I cover and some I dont depending how much light is needed for germination.

The shorter time annuals like impatients and marigold I start in the greenhouse in early March.

Angel Wing Begonias, New Guinea Impatients, and Datura I start indoors to better control the requirements.

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