Planting a Kniphofia near a Rhododendron?

Orinda, CA

I recently planted a Rhododendron Seta's Sister whcih is a small variety that likes some direct sun. I was thinking of planting a Kniphofia nearby since it is perfect part shade for the variety. Has anyone ever planted Kniphofia with Rhododendrons, recommended? Thinking of Euphorbia too, would that be better?

Thanks for any help!,

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

How many hours of sun does the area get? As far as I know Kniphofia likes full sun so if you're not getting enough hours of sun it may not bloom well. For Euphorbias, it may vary somewhat by species but all the ones I've grown I've put in full sun as well. Other than sun...assuming Plant Files is correct about the pH that they like, Kniphofia likes neutral soil, so if you're slightly on the acidic side for the rhododendron I expect it'll still be fine. But the couple of Euphorbias that I checked were all listed as wanting neutral to somewhat alkaline soil, so they might be less happy with acidic conditions.

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