Arlington, TX

Going over to Lowe's today to look for some CP, hope they have some near me.

north coast nsw, Australia

were waiting for photos...hehe! Let us know how you go.

Arlington, TX

AH! took them out of their little plastic things and left them outside too long in the wind. They look a little dried out now. I am wondering, would it be better to take them to school and give them light or let them over winter in the garage?
Nepanthes will go to school of course but needs new soil as it is planted in sp. moss.
Also bought a little VFT, purple pitcher and large sundew, wondering what is best for the Sarr. and the VFT.

north coast nsw, Australia

I dont know much about dormancy as it doesn't get cold enough here for hardly anything to go dormant. A few of my sarracenias die down to nothing and a few just grow winter leaves and no pitchers but most just stay the same over winter.
My flytraps die back and i just lessen the water but keep the light up to them all same as the sarras.
You can put flytraps in the fridge i think for dormancy.
I guess wintering them all in the garage with as much light as you can and less water or they can rot.
Nepenthes need heat though i think over winter, i bring mine inside when its cold here.

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Prosper, TX(Zone 8a)

I personally like California Carnivors.

Arlington, TX

I like cobra plants but honestly it is the only mail order I have used so there is no true comparison. The plants from local stores are usually cheap (often half dead clearance) and so far all have survived. There is no real variety though. I got several S. purpurea (sp.) and those have done well for me but I do love to look at the online sites and see the interesting species they have for sale.

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

I visited California Carnivores, and it felt like a pilgrimage. Peter was very gracious, and it is obvious he is used to plant groupies. :) I have great luck with cobralplants, and I am lucky to have a local vendor who sells good plants at excellent prices. I usually try to pick up half dead (half price) CPs at the box stores after Halloween. With a little love and care, most make it.

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