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Please Help me figure out how to decorate

Westminster, SC(Zone 7b)

I have a very sore spot in my living room. There is a wooden stove sitting on a concert pad and surrounded by beautiful rock but the rock does not go all the way up. I have a picture on photo-bucket. Please if anything can I do with these empty holes. The heat only goes out from the front of the heater. Please take a look and thanks in advance for your time.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Can you get more rock and finish it off?

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

If no rock paint the area w/ muted brown/orange of the rock and hang big black cast iron objects to go w/ stove pipe?

Westminster, SC(Zone 7b)

Hmmmmm We thought about more rock, but was afraid that the lots would be different. The muted brown/orange is what we wanted to do the trim around the bricked area because that would pull the rock color out, but I have to admit, I did not think about the cast iron objects.
Thank you both for your time.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

I agree....if you had some black cast iron wall hangings.....or antique frying pans even, I think it would compliment it!

Westminster, SC(Zone 7b)

Thanks Texasgal

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

If you can recess the 2 places a bit, you could also add iron objects that sit up like sad irons or a small anvil, etc.

Hilton, NY(Zone 6a)

Looks like a perfect place to add a 4" ledge to the bottom; staple "nice looking" artificial greens onto the backboard-you will be able to bend some of the branches forward creating bulk, etc., and let a few greens fall over the ledge.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Make a padded cornice (foam board) (lightweight) and pad and cover it. Hang it completely over all three walls - completely covering the non rock areas. It would give it a lot of dimension. I'd go across the rock that is in the middle too ---give the cornice a uniform appearance. Cover the cornice with a shade of ginger or paprika linen. Stencil in a darker shade the same word ..different sizes and fonts... all over it ...going in every which way directions. (Busy) 'Family' or a saying like 'Bless this Home' if traditional.. "come warm your toes by the fire' or something in another language (like 'family' in multiple languages) or anything that appeals to you. You can make stencils on the computer - or you can print out the letters and cut your own stencils. I bet you can go on Etsy and 'hire' it out too (the stencil making) Or maybe someone you know is handy (if you aren't) and can make the entire thing for you. I believe you can preorder the cornices. But you ought to be able to do yourself - just google for a 'how to' .

Or you can leave it plain if you don't like decorated idea.. .. or use a patterned fabric. Or, get nutsy by gluing things all over it ... like watch faces and colored tile shards, and small framed photos, antique postcards..whatever you want to represent your style / asthetic. If you go the glue route - I'd just paint it first to see if it looks good that way and not bother with the pad and fabric. Find a lot of a similiar 'filler' to make the found objects more cohesive and liberally place whatever filler you have throughout your found objects. Or you can do a cornice of lightweight wood or foam and paint ----then in a very level long row ---using same type frame.... place small black and white photos of the family or of your family pets... or of homes you have lived in.. but I'd go all black and white or sepia for the photos... use just one subject and the same exact frames - evenly spaced and very level --span the entire cornice even the side wall.

If it looks too bare with the framed photos (that area does look like it is tall) glue or tack on a long thin length of molding along/over the top of the long row of photos and underneath too. Paint in the same color as the cornice .... if you do that you can paint the background behind the frames a different (but in same color family) color. Or if you use a black photo frame (to match the stove) --you can paint the molding black.
You can have lots of fun with that area. Just think of it as an opportunity. Whatever you decide on - post photos.

Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

Lee, what did you wind up doing with the wall over the heater? Seems the most simple and easiest thing to do is put shelving and paint the paneling in the background one of the medium colors of the rocks. Then place books, photo frames and other cute things there. When you finish your project, let us see what you decided to do. Laverne

Langley, WA(Zone 7b)

I think cast iron trivets would look nice. You can find them in thrift stores and such places. Maybe a collection as time goes by...

Southern California, CA

The 2 smaller areas on each side of the stove actually look nice. Perhaps you could get 2 grates (aluminum or anything) and put them there and paint them black as if they were heat grates needed for the stove. After I did that, I would try to think about the other larger grey area. Perhaps it would look OK as it is or I might think of putting a curtain rod there with a curtain that blends (maybe grey) and pretend it was a window. Or maybe another faux black grate would look good on the larger area, too. It will probably be impossible to find grates in the exact size that is needed. Maybe a faux grate be made out of wood or plastic (maybe some dowels painted black)?

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