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need help for candy lily seed

Booneville, AR

i cant find anything on how or when to plant these seed. send me where i need to go, thanks

Calgary, Canada

There is a discussion on the Garden Web on Candy Lily seed starting.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

you can winter sow them now...remove the pulp for better germination,sew on top of seed starting mix then cover with a light layer of med.grade vermucilite.

Booneville, AR

ok bigred that sounds good to me. thanks i like simple can,t remember if ive got vermucilite out back or not may need my bf to get me some. the older you get the shorter the memory gets oh well im just gona keep on ticking until what ever. need sunshine please. have a good one.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

Me and you both...LOL. It's teasing us with a few days of spring then tosses winter back at us.

You can cover them with your seed starting mix I just always have better luck w/ seeds geminating thur crusting

Booneville, AR

hi red thats what i did do not know how long theytake to bloom a year probly, thats the way most of them work. it will be fun anyway. keep my mind off other things. you know that retired forum is so depressing for me i feel so bad for some of the people on there. our country should feel shame for the way older people get treated.oh well enough said. ill put all of us in my prayers and keep us there. the weather here is bad ,we are getting sleat and rain hope the temp stays up today.don,t need the stuff staying on the trees that could be a real mess, last time that happened our electric was out for 3 or 4 weeks. we have alot of alternate ways to heat and light the house. love you have a good day. like all older people we get by cause we know how!!!

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

Mine generaly bloom 3 rd yr....sometimes second if we have mild winter.

Yup...hub's became a retiree almost 3 yrs ago and it's been an uphill battle so I continue to raise my plants to sell at farmers market to help what little I can in this economy.

Booneville, AR

hi red boy we didnt need this snow and ice. its covered my camellia its got flower buds all over it, hope it dosen,t break may drop all its blooms. can,t help that. good luck with the farmers mkt. ive never tried that but some of the women in garden club do. someone sent me some sunflower seed i may give those to garden club to sell. i enjoy being out side like the dirt and plants, my dh helped me pull out some old tea roses and put in some new this week. im glad i got that done. i need to winter sow some more seed. and do some transplanting for the plant sale. ill get it done just wish we could get sunshine this cold makes me hurt. talk at you later. my dear husband says everyone born in 1942 hurts when the weathers cold he is os bad!!!!

LA, CA(Zone 10a)

I just ordered another batch of Candy Lily seeds. I've had good luck before using a clear one gallon water jug, cutting the top half open enough so that I can fold it over (you have to cut at least 3/4 of the top open horizontally, maybe a bit more), pouring in about 2 inches of soil, and getting it to JUST the right level of moisture, then dropping the seeds into small depressions I make on the soil surface, and sprinkling a tiny bit more soil on time. I then tape the top back on with a clear tape. Now I have a perfect (and free) little greenhouse for the seeds. You can put the cap on or off to regulate the amount of humidity/water, but I generally keep it on. If you must water, use a hand mister, so as not to disturb the seeds/seedlings. Put it in bright, indirect light, and turn it every few days if the light is coming strongly from one direction only. This has worked like a charm for me, and the seedlings have plenty of space to grow before I transplant them.

There are some pictures of the flowers I got from one batch of seeds here:

Good luck!

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Nettie...I wuz born in '41 so I guess it doublrs for every year after '42. Hey, you 'n bigred want some seeds? Veggies or flowers, or both? We can't wait for the guv'ment to send us seeds...I ordered too many this yr.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

Ooo,don't do that to me. I have more seeds than I have dirt but I can seem to turn down another pretty....or even weird face.

Southeastern, NH(Zone 5b)

I had good results by giving them cold treatment for about 4 wks (maybe longer) I see you are in AR if you are in a zone 8 you might not get enough natural cold for the next 4 weeks to be enough. Some stuff I sow in a 6 pack and put it in a ziplock sandwich baggy in the fridge and then take them out when the time is up. I am not real sure of your temps. now so I just thought I'd share what has worked for me. :) Here is a link to my journal on starting them I was obviously not knowledagble of the pulp thing and that is why I thought they were damaged. They were probably ones with pulps already removed.

Oh and even though it says Blackberry Lily - they ended up being Candy Lilies as you can see from the picture of them blooming. They had been mislabeled from a large seed swap.

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Norfolk, VA(Zone 8a)

I simply planted them in Jiffy cubes. They bloom the second year. Lovely colors, purples, oranges pinks. I had a pure pink that bred true, all it's seedlings bloomed pink. They self sow easily, and the little fans are easily transplanted. I try not to make things too complicated, seeds have grown for 60 million years or so without man's help. I try for as much "plant it and forget it" as possible. Who has time to baby recalcitrant seedlings?
I have bred tet daylilies for 15 years or so, and quickly bred out stubborn germinators. Simply plant the seeds as you would zinnias and marigolds and they grow, and fast. I started with Park's candy lilies, BTW.
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