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Lake, MI

Goodmorning eveyone,

I am a long time gardener and plant junkie from Michigan. I can't wait to try this new approach to starting seeds.
I just put up an 8x12 greenhouse late last summer. I wish I would have found DG years ago and knew about ws. I have always just bought tons of plants in the spring, they are getting so darned expensive these days. I am not a fussy person and don't spend much on cloths or myself, but honey come spring and summer you would think I was rich. It is what makes me happy.

Last year my DH and I saved all our dimes (65 dollars) and had enough money to buy a pee gee hydranga tree. I have not counted this years dimes but I think I will use what I have to invest in ws items.

I just moved up north and it is fourty miles to the walmart store but I hit the perfect day to go.
I always go down the gardening isles and they had all the christmas items cleared out and they were bare to the bone with the exception of a huge display of seeds.
Well seeing as I needed seeds because I am starting from scratch, I loaded up. Lot's of great choices. They had American seed company pks for 20cents. I got ten dollars worth and then had to have some wonderful Burpee selections. I was in heaven..
Now I have to figure out when to ws them. This is going to be trial and error at first I am sure.

Something I didn't get was after the seeds sprout and get a set of true leaves do you flip the top back on warm days? Or once they get up going is when you take and pull the duck tape and flip the top back?
Also do you put them in a safe place if the wheather turns frosty?

I look forward to joining in discussions and asking a ton of questions so I can become a true "Winter sowning gal.

Thanks again and nice meeting all of you


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Welcome Amos. I suggest you read as much as you can of old threads, especially the stickys, to get lots of information.

I usually open the jug after I have a fair amount of germination- i.e. not necessarily with one or two sprouts, I wait for a few more. The top half holds humidity to encourage germination. I don't wait for true leaves to open the top. If weather is warm they might cook in a closed-up jug.

I wait to sow tender seeds, anything damaged by frost, until spring.


Milford, CT(Zone 6a)

I am more of a hoophouse and low tunnel guy, but do put out some jugs and bottles. there are a lot of people with more experience. Mine is that i take the tops off the bottles and leave them off when nights come out of the teens and 20's - mid feb. i don't do anything else until the low tunnels are ready and weather co-operates early march and I plant away.

sounds like you are off to a good start... I am looking forward to seeing how and when others care for the kids.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Jump on over to this thread. I think you'll get lots of information where we're holding the discussion.


Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I don't open them at all, unless they're coming out the spout at the top! LOL I do open them to check on their progress once they're about 3" tall inside, though. I go directly from jug to ground. You don't want them exposed to direct sunlight for too long or they'll roast.

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