Fine Gardening Starting From Seed

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I just picked up a special print of Fine Gardening. I jus t skimmed thru it until later, but looks like it was a worthy buy. Anyone else pick it up?

North Pole, AK(Zone 1)

They do several different special publications...What's the title of this one?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

It's titled: Starting from Seed. It's one of the 1st magazine issues that I have seen that is all about seed starting. Lot's of great info, picture and articles.

northwest, IL(Zone 5a)

I like the seed starting booklet from thompson and Morgan seed co. Not expensive.
There is also a website dedicated to this topic. Can't think of the guys name- but he starts odd varieties with the baggie method. If it's not in the booklet it might be in the website. Wish I could think of the name of the site. Maybe google it.

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

There are many web sites that are devoted to seed sowing. Here is one of them.

I think the guy you are trying to remember is Dr. Deno. He wrote the book using the baggie method.

Lot of discussion about that method here on Daves. It is the only way I start seeds now. It works great. Here is an example of my Geranium seeds sprouting in a damp paper towel inserted in a baggie. Just before planting in seeding mix.

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North Pole, AK(Zone 1)

Think I'm going to pick it up. If Joannabanana says it's worth it, that's good enough for me...LOL

While I live on the computer, researching anything and everything, sometimes I just like a decent magazine or softcover book I can dog-ear the pages of and don't mind taking out in the garage as a reference guide when I do my seed starting. And despite having a couple seed starting books, seems I'm always trying some seed that isn't listed in whatever book, listing, on-line site I happen to check when I decide to plant that seed.

Johnny's Selected Seeds catalog also has a lot of good starting info....As does "The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Flowers from Seed to Bloom" by Eileen Powell

Maybe it's me, but just like you can't have enough seeds, you can't have enough gardening books and magazines...LOL

Holly Ridge, NC(Zone 8a)

I bought it a week or so ago. Great info for us newbs to seeds.... Always helped my grandmother but growing in the ground in Illinois has proven much different for me than starting things here in North Carolina.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Joanna!

I ordered it online, but have to pay shipping fee. Still, if you recommend it, I will get it. Have you ever read any of Alfred C. Hottes books? "The Book of Annuals", and "The Book of Perennials". He gives detailed info especially in the first book on annuals, which ones need to be started early, at what temps, etc., as well as greenhouse growing. You might be able to find it on ebay, tho' I found mine in a local used book store. They have been sitting on my shelves for a long time, and now I am ready and the "teacher is there"! I am glad I never got rid of these little jewels. It has more info that many newer books that give you general information about seed-starting, but little in the way of specifics. These have more details than most, but the "Book on Annuals" really is more complete in the details of seed-starting, as many perennials are mostly purchased by plant, esp. named varities and hybrids. These were published in 1945. The only thing that would not be current are the chemicals used, and the use of hotbeds, though I imagine they are used in other parts of the world today. Not everyone has electricity everywhere....though most have high-speed internet, of which I do not! Oh well!


Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

Evelyn, I love to hear about good garden books. I went right to Abe's used books on the web and I was able to purchase BOTH for a total of $7.43 (free shipping on those particular books.) I can't wait to get them. One of my older
favorites is by Elda Haring; the title is something like "Growing Plants from Seed." It covers annuals, perennials, ferns, trees, and bulbs. That was my first garden book and it is still a fine book. You can find it for only a few dollars
on the used book sites. Lots are still around.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Hi, gloriag!

Oh, I am SO happy for you! These are truly treasures! And, yes, I have the book by Elda Haring as well. I think that you paid less for these two books, but I don't mind, since I would NEVER want out local used book store to go out of business. I never see it empty, that is a "good thing", as Martha would say.....

I will get back ro you tomorrow on the book list as it is quite late now.


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