Interesting Bee question

Fayetteville, GA

My bees have been hanging out on some partly built out frames. These frames have never had honey or pollen in
them. On close exam I saw them cut off tiny bits of wax. They also are arriving at the hive with white in thier leg pockets.
Do you think I have some smart enterprising, recyling bees?
I asked this question to experienced bee keepers and the bee department at the University of Georgia. No one knows. And
no one has ever seen bees get the wax off another frame. They keep saying that they must be getting honey or pollen
that was left. But, there was never any in this frame,
Anyone ever heard of this?

Forestville, NY

Its sounds like the bees are just building the comb on the frame and getting it ready for the store as far as the white in the pollen sac it just pollen from a white flower.

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Richmond, TX

I'm not sure I understand what is going on. Are the bees taking wax from an empty comb somewhere else and taking it back to their hive?

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