CPA is Cruel to plants!

Conneaut, OH(Zone 5a)

Dropped off my tax papers at my CPA's office.I only go there once a year for taxes.At first glance,I thought cool,they have alot of plants in here.Then I noticed how bad their plants looked.Alot of dead leaves,plants looked they had not been watered in a month.Some of them were on their last leg.I did remark,"you people must be real busy,these plants are in dire need of attention."I got kinda of nasty look from the gal.I know there are places to report cruelity to animals but what about plants?LOL,I may have to find a new CPA.LOL,Edge

Danville, IN

It's always amazed me that people can't hear plants crying out for water! I've, more than once, gone to the drinking fountain or bathroom and brought a cup of water to try to save a parched plant. Such cruelty!

Warren Center, PA(Zone 5b)

What really kills me are the ones who have them sitting on their desk looking like " death warmed over", sometimes I want to just reach over and slap them. It's one thing having it in a corner or someplace out of view but seeing a plant on someones desk drooping over and wilted is totally wrong. When we walk into an office or some place the wife will grab my arm and say " don't even".

Panama City, FL(Zone 8b)

The girl next to me and I are the plant people in our section of the office. At Christmas each pod (group of cubicles) was given a Poinsettia. Ours still looks almost as good as the day it was given to us over two months ago. Last week one of the managers brought us a pathetic almost dead one that she said she had confiscated from one of the other pods due to cruelty to plant. lol All it needed was some water. It lost most of it's leaves but is putting out new growth. I also go around and help other people in our section with their plants. Mostly making sure everyone gets a drink. Such and easy thing that so many people just can't remember to do.

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

What always amazes me is that people have these terrible plants out for show. But maybe its time for a group like Plant Amnesty is for trees and other outdoor plants. Quite frankly if I had a CPA with such a poor display of plants, I would go elsewhere.

Conneaut, OH(Zone 5a)

The CPA called me.Taxes were done.I went in there armed with pruners,2 gallons of miracle grow water and some slow release fertilizer.I didn't ask.I just went to work on the plants.They were too surprised by my boldness to say anything.I did what I could for the pathetic things.Paid them for their services and left.They are probably still talking about me.I had kind of the warm fuzzies driving home.Sort of the same feeling,I get when I donate blood.Edge

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

Good for you! Yeah, I'm sure they were shocked, to say the least! Maybe now they'll get the hint.. . we can only hope!

Columbus, OH

I have plants in my office, and they're watered and groomed. LOL

(Tracey) Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

Edge, I love your followup appointment to the CPAs office. Sounds like me.. I find myself taking care of everyones plants. When I walk in a place I hone in on any plant that may be present, check its vitals and then move forward. This applies to public places, homes of friends and family.-- I have had to "save" my mom's plants more than one.. --

Lynnwood, WA(Zone 7a)

It's interesting how much one can get away with with sheer boldness. If were're doing the right thing we can usually get away with just about anything. One time at a building site where they were just bulldozing the plants I just walked up like I owned the place and dug out a lovely dogwood tree and drove away with it. No one said a word. I have since always referred to it as my stolen tree. Lol

Southern Dutchess Co, NY(Zone 5b)

Guess there are many of us out there! I find myself grooming everyone else's plants - you know, plucking off dead leaves and spent blossoms, checking the pot size, and looking for pests. Don't know if my ministrations are welcome, but the plants always look a little better!

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