Belgian Mums

Rangely, CO(Zone 4a)

Would love to hear from anyone who has planted Belgian Mums in their gardens. Seems they're still too new to have much out there other than for the commercial growers who make them available to greenhouses. I've found just one source on the web. Not sure how big they'll be and what to expect in the first year. I look SO forward to what looks like a foolproof perfect specimen!!

Thanks All!!!

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Dallas, OR(Zone 8a)

I don't have any Belgian Mums, but I am looking for perennial mums hardy to my zone (8a).

It sounds like you may have ordered some, what is the source you have found for them? I'd be interested in checking them out.

Do you have any pictures of them? Or maybe the online source would have pictures?

Dallas, OR(Zone 8a)

Kelvin, I just googled them and found this article about Belgian Mums. You may have already come across it. It is dated 2001, so it has been around for awhile. For me it was quite informative, since I had never heard the term Belgiun Mum until now.

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Rangely, CO(Zone 4a)

I've beat the web HARD!!! It seems they're mostly for sale as potted plants in the fall and nearly impossible on the web. I contacted local greenhouses, but they'd have to order them as cuttings or plugs 100-150 per color at a time. Just ain't gonna happen in our fairly rural wilderness in NW Colorado. There's a few articles out there and they're listed by the HUGE growers to supply the big growers. They were developed, I think, by GroLink and were released around 2000. I'd guess there's still heavy trademark and patent rights on them so they aren't on the web from the common perennial providers. Their big features that seem to crop up most often is that they're very durable to ship for the greenhouses as they don't break stems easily, as well as being tolerant to footballs and pets breakage. They are supposed to make their perfect globe shape without any pruning or other care.

I've found just one that interested me, although they only offer 5 of the many colors. Another, but just in 8" pots so I wonder about the shipping!! One website has a great picture gallery, but again, it's just for the big boys to order..(Dang it!!)

There's seaches to do using belgian mum care, culture, growing, etc. There's photos here on DG in the guides and information section.

I'm excited to give them a try. Give me a note off group and I can pass along links, that I'm not sure we're supposed to post.

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Berne, IN

Here is an online source for Belgian mums, they offer many varieties. They also offer a perennial mum.

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