Barn and arena suggestions

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)


We finally got the 20 acres I've loved for years. House plans are almost done and I've got barn fever. The tricky thing is that in this economy I want to be very sure that the house and barn will sell when we retire in 10 years. I was hoping to mirror home details on barn and do most of the inside work ourselves. Hubby is VERY good at plumbing, electrical, trim etc since he was electrical engineer. Does anybody have experience with barn buildings, steel vs wood. I thought steel would be big bucks but an 80x120 steel arena came back REALLY reasonable. ANY experiences, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Also, has anybody had experience with Clearspan or Coverall arenas...Just curious...

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

The current barn where I board is mostly steel. The only negitive I've seen is that a very light rain sounds like a downpour. We also have a clearspan arena. It creaks a lot in the wind, but it allows for a lot of filtered light. Indoor lighting doesn't get used until it's just about dark outside. The barn and arena is on top of a hill.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Do you know specific manufacturers of either building and have they held up? I was hoping to narrow the field of manufacturers I'm considering...


Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

i'll have to check for you. Both have been up about 10 yrs.

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