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Nats in Greenhouse

Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

Well the greenhouse is doing well and the flowers flourishing, lots of new starts too. But the one or two nats have multiplied. Before they get bad what can I do?

Midland, GA

If you had peroxide to the water you should see them diminish. The peroxide does not harm the plant.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I would spray bug killer & also do the hydrogen peroxide in the water after. Kill all the flyers 1st

Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

How much hydrogen peroxide?Any reccommended bug killer?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Here's a good link for mixing the hydrogen peroxide

As far as a spray, I think any that says House & Garden Insect Killer.

(Zone 6a)

There is a product called Gnatrol.

Whatever you use, I'd spray the soil, too, that's where the gnats are coming from (if they're fungus gnats).

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Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

Thanks for your help. The spray I got at Home depot is going back, it is safe for indoor use and pets and stuff, but did not help and it also harmed some leaves and seed starts. So I will go with the peroxide solution. Today it was 80 in there with the door wide open. I had to seperate several plants and take more cuttings. My geraniums are going to be awesome when they come out. By the way Epsom salts are great for plants and especaially geraniums. Even Home Depot has caught on and is selling them in large bags at way to much money.

Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

I found out that that stuff you use in filters for swimming pools can me mixed in the soil. Diatomasious Earth. But mine you have to wear a mask with. There is some you buy on the net that is harmless to the lungs or pets. But I already have this. I haven't been in there for five days so have to check soon. It has cooled back off.

Valparaiso, IN(Zone 5a)

yellow sticky cards and I think BT works along w/ tons on other insecticides on the ones that are flying. drentches work the best.

Central Pa, United States

I swear by the yellow sticky cards to see what is where, check, and replace them weekly.
The tomatoe house I worked in this was one of my jobs....keeping an eye on the bugs.......((probably cause I was the youngest and could see them without glasses....LOL)

Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)

I like the yellow sticky traps too. You can make your own by either painting a card yellow or using construction paper. I cover it w/ clear shelf paper and then coat the whole thing w/ Vaseline (use a paint brush to keep the coating even and to help maintain the mess). They do need to be re-coated every week or the buggers won't stick, but it is way less than buying them.

What is the ratio for the Epson Salt and why do you use it?

Lexington, MI(Zone 6a)

Love the vaseline idea onyxwar. I've been using tanglefoot but can't find my jar and don't live near to a source. Think I'll give it a try. My problem is controlling the whitefly. Have found that "dunk" bacteria for mosquitos in my water will control fungus gnat larvae. Recently read something about vacuuming the little buggers. Think I'll give that a try too. I also us trap plants. As I'm growing herbs everything has to be organic. The whitefly seem now to have a resistance to soaps so I really have to stay on top of it so they don't get out of hand. When they're available next spring I plan on getting some baldfaced hornets. They are really good at clearing the pests out of a greenhouse.

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Jeaneth White flies do not like moving air. Placing some fans around your plants will help. Try to keep the air from becoming stagnant and your white flies will probably be diminished. Ernie

Lexington, MI(Zone 6a)

I'm using two small electric heaters with fans, one at either end, to heat my small greenhouse. So the air is moving somewhat. Vacuuming did work. We've had some sub zero weather and it got down to 40 one night. Usually stays above 50 for me. But, that's really slowed the whitefly down. Unfortunately the plants don't grow either. I need to plug in my heat mats pretty soon for cuttings and seed starting and want to make sure the new plants stay clean of the pests. I soak the cuttings in soapy water to make sure they're clean starting out. I try to remove leaves showing any signs of a problem and keep my stock plants as clean as possible. But I always seem to find a few of the little pests so have to keep watch constantly. I will have to see about a larger fan.

By the way, the vaseline didn't work for me. Will have to get some more tanglefoot or find a source for the yellow sticky cards.

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