How to keep ducks out of new pond plantings

Gainesville, FL(Zone 8b)

If you know how to keep pet ducks from destroying new plantings in and around a large pond please reply with your solutions. The ducks are free roaming and cannot be contained. I'm thinking that some kind of temporary fencing might work. Input and details are much appreciated.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

Pond shops sell netting that you can fasten over your pond to keep birds out. It might help with your ducks as well. I found out long ago that poultry and plantings don't mix, though. If you can put up a fence, fine, but what will you do when you take it down again?

We had a muskrat get into our pond and it ate most of the plants. We had to trap and deport it so we could begin again. Then we got another cat to replace the one that had died of old age; we never had problems when she was patrolling.

Essex Junction, VT

I am having the same problem. I put in a very small pond 15x20 only 2-3ft deep and am trying to plant things around it with my ducks and geese already there. first I tried to plant wheat there, thinking they could eat it when it was all grown up. but instead they spent many a fond hour eating each seed on the ground even though they had a whole bowl of it by their food area. I planted some cattail seeds but none have started. then I started letting things grow to see what would come and am allowing selfheal and some asters and boneset and pyeweed. some wild iris showed up in a wetter spot. I tried putting some water lillies from a nearby pond in but those were eaten immediately. I am pulling out this nasty pricker kind of plant that looks a bit like smartweed. my husband put some monarda in there that I was going to pull out but then the hummingbird is always there and lands in my peach tree that was there before the pond was even put in. Nearby a mulberry tree is working out well, I shake it and ducks and geese come running. Some of taller plants will be cover for hiding from hawks.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

Unfortunately ponds and ducks go together, and ducks are not great aficianados of pretty plantings. Hard to have both.....and if you use netting it spoils the look anyway.

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Plastic plants?

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

Gaaak! Heaven forbid - how could you suggest such a thing, especially on DG??? Blasphemy!

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How funny. :)

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We had the same problem with both ducks and geese. They ate are pond plants and pooped in the pond and all over the lawn. We though about netting but went with a gator decoy instead:
It worked immediately and is totally safe for the birds. Excellent deterrent. No more mess or eaten plants. Also works to keep hungry raccoons away and scare the crap out of guests, which is always fun!

Richmond, TX

I love it!

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