doorway fans

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Just to try a fan in the doorway I clamped a small fan on a stand about 6ft high in the doorway and it works great, so now I have to purchase a couple door way fans and there is a couple options I need - it needs to be able to pivot (It needs to blow the air at an angle) into the next room and it should be quiet. I appreciate any recommendations.

Poynette, WI

I opted for a box fan behind my stove angling upwards towards the straight up exhaust pipe and could not find any other angle that distributed air any better really. Believe me I know, in the dead of winter I have to warm the house back up if I am gone over 12 hours, and I live in a Ranch home, built in the 70's, everyone knows the wind blows right through these things. Anyways, it kind of goes along with the stove fan kit if I had it which I don't. I would like to rig an outside air intake for the stove though, which helps balance your inside air pressure aleviating draftier spots. My setup allows the back bedrooms to stay a little cooler being farther away from the living room and I burn less wood by only heating the upper level of the ranch. To keep my electricity usage down I use a ceiling fan to push the hot air back down to the floor in the main living area where the stove resides and turn off all fans if I can, I usually like to keep it at about 80. This weekend getting only down to the 30's at night it's hard to keep a fire going. I've fired my dryer even in the winter time for some things and my over all energy bills are lower in the winter.

Wallingford, CT

If your home has a forced hot air system, you can turn on the blower on your furnace, to circulate the warm air of the wood stove, throughout the house. (I do that, and it works just fine).


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