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Having trouble transferring photos to computer

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hi all,
I bought a new camera a few days ago and I have downloaded the EasyShare software to my computer but I can't see where/how to transfer photos still. I had an old Sony CyberShot for years and how things have changed since 01' when I got the Sony. The Sony was only 1.3 Megapixels, it has quit working. I don't know if it just petered out or what, I'll try to get it going later, I love that camera.
This new camera has had me pretty puzzled from the start. Its a Kodak M340. I wanted another Sony, but apparently they are like the Cadillac of cameras or something, they are a little more proud of them at the store. This Kodak was a great deal, $119 for the camera, a 4gb sandisk memory card, a case and a tripod was the deal so I got it. You get so much more for the money now, its like new computers. Its a 10.2 MP camera but you can set that so I put it at 2.1 MP, I don't want huge file sizes that take a long time for people to load in forums and such. My old 1.3 MP Sony reliably had 61 kb photos, which was nice.
That old camera was $299.99 by itself, I got a 32 mb memory chip separate ($75) for it, the rechargeable battery separate ($99.99) for it. Now, its a dinosaur! I got a new camera about a third the size, much better resolution and about a third or a fourth of the price.
But, my problem now is my new camera. Does anyone have a Kodak m340 perhaps, or can just help figure this thing out?
I figured the usb cord out. It doubles as the power cord oddly enuff. I got the sandisk in the camera but I can't see how to get it out now and I don't want to break it. If I need to I'd see if I can insert the chip in my computer to get the photos if I need to. I'd rather transfer photos via the usb cord to my computer from the camera if I knew how it did that.
I've been to the Kodak website and scoured the manual. I hope I don't have to buy some accessory.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

What operating system have you got? When you attach the camera to the computer do you get any messages? Does the new camera want you to install software first? If so did you install the Kodak software?

You can always eject the memory card and insert it in the computer (if it has memory card slots) or use a USB card reader to get you started. I prefer to eject the card and read the pictures in that way. I seem to have more control that way. My wife (Sony) uses the umbilical cord but has to tell the camera to connect (pain) and it also drains the batteries in the camera.

If the Kodak uses a release mechanism like my compact Canon then push on the end of the memory card until it "clicks" - this should release it and you can then pull the card out without any effort.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks hcm, I'm in business! I got the chip out after you said how to do it, and put it in my computer and voila'!
It made the new drive letter in Windows Explorer and I just cut them to a folder I made, to keep them in order by date.
Its a Vista Dell laptop. Any messages when its hooked up? No, which I thot was odd not to even recognize it.
Yeah, the EasyShare software is loaded up.
I had to take out a chip that was in the slot to put the sandisk chip in it then it said hardware needs to be installed, so I let that install and its been business ever since! The chip said Dell on it, hope its just something in there to fill the slot because it has to come out apparently. Yeah, its a pain if theres a questionable amount of charge left in the battery to do it with the usb cord and the camera on, you might get the pics transferred in time and you might not, I never liked sweating that.
Its prolly best that I do it the memory card way anyway, instead of the umbilical
I'm gonna see if theres something I can do about their file sizes, they are between about 300 kb and 600 kb.
I might have to put it back on 1.3 MP. Maybe theres a setting for screen size, I'd put it on 640 x 480 if I could.
I don't need big old photos that make horizontal scroll bars for everybody and fine details that show markings on a butterflie's rearend!

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I would buy an extra memory card and battery and a small case. You never know when the battery will die on you and the extra memory card is always good to have just in case.

I would keep your pictures as large and as much resolution as you can on your camera. 600KB is not big for a picture anymore. Mine are on the order of 3MB (3,000KB) and that is JPG. If I shoot in RAW then they would probably be around 10MB or larger. You can always downsize the original for posting, email, etc. but you cannot upsize and get all the information from a small picture. My daughter and son in law did that in Thailand on their compact camera - they said that way they only needed one card to hold nearly 6,000 pictures. Halfway through the two week trip they listened to me and changed it to the best resolution and largest size but the first several hundred pictures are now only good for wallet size (if you ask me).

Big external hard drives can hold thousands of photos and are good for back up of your hard drive anyway. I keep over 60,000 picture copies on several hard drives and consider this easier than keeping old negatives in shoe boxes.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I'll see about getting another sd card, if I could get it for around $15 that would be nice. Yeah, being stuck without a memory card wouldn't be good! : ) Hmmm... the biggest photo possible eh? Not a bad idea, I'll see how big is big.
I heard that after 6 MP quality doesn't change a whole lot. I don't know how true that is but it kinda sounds reasonable.
I forgot to say in that photo of the bathroom, its all tore up because its being remodeled right now.
Thats a nice pic of a Begonia in flower you got there. I have about 5,000 photos in storage from all my picture taking on the Sony CyberShot I did. I hate to think my picture-taking days with that camera are over, I gotta get that thing fixed!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I just noticed that its been re-sized in here. In Windows Explorer, it says its 460kb, here it says its a smaller screen size and its only 103 kb, not sure what gives there. Its fine with me though if DG is resizing automatically. I guess it just never did that before because the CyberShot was maybe under the cut-off in file size, dunno.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I don't know about a 6MP rule. If you just want snapshots (4"x6") then 3MP is probably fine but if you think you ever want really large pictures then set the resolution as high as the camera allows. The other thing about shooting at the highest resolution is if you ever want to see a small section of the entire scene then you can crop the rest of the scene out and still have a decent picture.

DG will resize if you don't (max size I think is 800 pixels wide). The good thing is you don't keep copies of the same picture on your hard drive if you let DG do it. The bad thing is it takes a lot longer (lot longer) to upload a full size picture to DG. Smaller sized copies are a lot, lot smaller than the original.

The begonia was shot with my little compact. It takes pictures as well as my DSLR but there are drawbacks to both types of cameras (size, weight, cost, speed, extra control, etc).

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thats what my cousin told me once about the 6MP thing. He swears on his digital slr Nikon D series. It might be the D40, D70 or maybe even the D100 by now. He has and, maybe more (not plugs : ). He has the lenses and everything. He's more into it than I'll ever be. He also has thousands of dollars wrapped up in equipment. He's only 33! Another younger cousin doing better than me! If they're not a doctor or an engineer, they're a photographer! lol
Yeah, I also like the idea of DG doing the re-sizing, thanks for telling me that, I was guessing.
Thats good to let them have the smaller copy.
Thats a good idea about cropping for a smaller scene.
That point-and-shoot camera of yours takes good quality photos. Hope mine are that good! : )
I made this banner for his site! - Those aren't copyrighted photos against me, they were his photos for me to alter.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

At one time 6MP was pretty big but times move on and rules change. My first DSLR was 8MP and my present one is 10MP. My little compact is 7MP. These are only 2 to 3 years old. The newest Canon DSLR (7D) is 18MP and can shoot Full HD movies. And these are the smaller sensors. Full frame is 25MP or more. What will it look like in another year or ten?

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yeah, its been around 2 years since he told me that. I think 12MP was the max then, and it was around $2500. 10 years ago it was hard to imagine a 1 terabyte hard drive in a computer! How times change!
Here is a photo I took a while ago on 10.1MP, which is odd that thats the max. setting when the front of the camera says
10.2MP, maybe they're rounding up or something. Oh, this photo is considerably larger than the previous one, it says 2.1MB in Windows Explorer. If I could endorse walk-in bath-tubs, they are nice!
Yeah, in a year or ten I'd wager the resolution of point-and-shoot cameras will be like 30MB or

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I wouldn't put it past the makers to have 30MP cameras in that time frame.

Warners, NY

Well thank heavens someone else has problems with that camera (not that I wish anyone grief) but I have been spending the last two days fuming and sputtering and trying to take pictures and trying to get the blasted things on the computer and trying to get them on photobucket and I finally shoved the camera in my sock drawer and used some very malaprop language--of course I am very tech challenged and refuse to ask questions that reveal my ignorance--usually I try and blame it on my age while ignoring the fact that other seniors can cope perfectly fine. When the old guy at the town hall not only did my income tax and filed it online--why I just watched and pretended I knew what he was doing-and of course he retired from computer jobs so he knows how--I tell myself. I used to call people on the telephone to find out if they actually received my E-mails. It does not help to have a SIL who runs back and forth from Europe with her blasted laptop and has worked with computers since they invented the blasted things---now that I have sputtered away I will try to go back and read the instructions since I haven't a sensible question to ask--I just have to struggle with it and sooner or later I will stumble on the way to get those photos off that camera. I'm wondering if the photo stuff that came with the computer works with the camera software. It did last year, but we also got rid of dial up (finally)and I wonder if the switch to high speed is the problem. And there is some other photo stuff on this computer that I downloaded (just to see if I could) and I don't know if that interferes-every time I turn the computer on it tries to find that camera---Why?? Well enough-I will tackle it tomorrow which is another day-------------------------Weedy

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hi Weedy, I just saw your post, hope you got everything worked out. That camera is worth the $100 I have learned. It takes good photos most of the time. I have even boned up on taking video-clips with it and it even has audio with them. I have learned to check the little dial before I take anything tho. The buttons are so small, they are easily accidently changed. Me being over 40 doesn't help either, because the words on them are small too!
Heres a photo I took with it last month on vacation. I'm the goofy man on the right in the cap. I don't know those other people! We were at The House on the Rock in Wis.

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