Has anyone else been to Crystal Park in Montana?

Hamilton, MT

Crystal Park, located on Polaris Road, a/k/a the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, between Wise River and the Polaris Rd/Hwy 43 junction south of I-90, is a blast. It's one of the only state parks I know of where collection of specimens of any kind is allowed; you pay $5 a day for a limited number of days per person per season (I want to say 5 or 8), but that $5 isn't per-head. It's per-car. Only hand tools are allowed, but there's no limit on how much stone you can walk away with. I currently have around 15 pounds of low-grade material I dragged down that hill last June, and I'm prepping it for some macro-photography work. The first day I was there, though, we thought a bear was causing problems, but the shrieking turned out to be a Californian who had just pulled a single point at least 2.5" wide and the same in height out of the mud. I dug for 3 hours and found nothing--almost all of what I brought back came from tailing piles left by the snowmelt! The freshly taken photo below is most of the small points I found, the rest having been given as gifts.

Thumbnail by snakeadelic
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