Help! seeds I tested coverd in something nasty!

Here are some pics... I set these peas up to test on 2/12 and they've germinated, but are covered in this nasty stuff. tiny black dots and spider webby type white stuff all over... is it mold? If so, how can I prevent it, are they destroyed, and can I still use seeds that were on the same towel, but don't ahve mold on them yet?

Also does this mean my entire bag of seeds is affected? Thank so much for your advice!

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Galesburg, IL

My guess is that is an adventitious mold that occurred from mold spores in the air that landed on the peas. Or it could be that the one pea the "threads" (mycelium) are surrounding could have been the source of the spores. It doesn't look like a plant pathogenic mold as the one sprout looks healthy. With pathogenic mold, you would see discoloration of the root and other plant tissue and I don't see any of that. I would go ahead and plant the unaffected seeds.

There are literally hundreds of different fungi that you will see associated with soil and seeds that feed on decaying OM. Remember though, very few of those are pathogenic and even fewer of those exhibit symptoms with all that external mycelium.

There are many things you can use to prevent fungal pathogens on seed/seed development ranging from conventional chemical treatments such as Captan (my usual treatment) to many other non-conventional treatments that anecdotal evidence supports such as H2O2 and chamomile tea. However, remember these are preventative and not curative.

Calgary, Canada

I would place the seeds in a glass and wash them with dilute hydrogen peroxide.
Dilute the 3% down to about 1% by mixing one part of the 3% with two parts of water.
Dry the seeds you are not using right now.

Many seeds come with microbes attached!

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