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Bc Maikai 'Mayumi' - My New Plant - Help!

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

I got this Brassocattleya Maikai "Mayumi" through the mail. It's got 25 pseudobulbs, 5 new growths (all headed different directions), and has previously bloomed. SOMEWHERE under all these roots is a 3" pot! I'm thrilled with the purchase...and understand this is a quick grower and flowers easily.

My question is whether this needs to be divided, or just potted-up. Just getting it OUT of this little pot is going to be a task...and I'm sure some roots will be damaged, as they're stuck to the pot itself.

Any advice on how to best care for my new child? Here's a picture. Thanks...


Thumbnail by SCBegoniaGuy
Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Another view...of the crowded pot...

Thumbnail by SCBegoniaGuy
Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Check the AOS videos here for answers, Scott.

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Good stuff! I guess I'm pleasantly surprised that viewing these videos doesn't require AOS membership. Thanks...

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Fair Lawn, NJ(Zone 6b)

Looking at this nice clump - I am very bad in splitting plants. I usually let them grow and only split if they simply become too heavy or too unmanageable for some reason. This way I get a nicer show when in bloom. At this point I would probably stick the whole thing as is into a suitable sized Teak basket ( or other basket/pot of your choice) and call it a day. The roots look very healthy and they will surely attach to the wood. If you water sufficiently often, you wouldn't need to add medium, or use only enough to anchor the plant.
Now if you are trying to sell pieces or share with friends, that would be another story.

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Ursula. I think I'm going to be greedy and keep the whole thing.

Are you saying put the whole plant -- including the original pot -- into a new basket? If so, that's probably the only way I can do this without damaging the roots (because the pot is plastic, and the roots are stuck). I have a large, chunky potting mix that would suffice for, as you said, simply anchoring it.

Thanks very much! I'm hoping this proves to be a nice specimen once in bloom...and I agree that it should put on quite a show, if left intact...

Fair Lawn, NJ(Zone 6b)

Yes, I would not rip the roots off the pot, and I would leave the clump undisturbed.

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