Question regarding WS snow peas

Flippin, AR(Zone 7a)

I'm just wondering has anybody had any luck WS snow peas and other pea varieties and what kind of container do you use. I've read that peas don't like to have there roots distrubed. I really wouldn't mind to go ahead and start them in the ground but I think it may be too early. This is my 1st year of WS. I've already WS broccoli, califlower, brussel sprouts for this yearAny help on the subject would be appreciated.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I'm certain it would work, but you will need to move them while they are small. I've ws sweet peas and I direct sow eating peas

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Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

It is much easier just to sow them where they are to grow as right now is the time. I have already sowed several kinds of peas, as they are quite hardy. They usually will not come up until they should anyway. If some should get damaged, you should have a lot of seeds in your packet to sow more. Make this easy on yourself. What ever is easiest for you would be the way I would go. I happened to have some nice weather last week, so I was able to prepare some space. I need to do more and now it is cold and rainy. So I will go out again, when it is nice enough, and do more. If it is cold for a long period, I may sow some indoors or W/S. Either way, or both ways, if you can...then you will know which works best for you as we all have microclimates as well as variable weather both for winter as well as spring.

Flippin, AR(Zone 7a)

i appreciate both of your responses.

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